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Got My Promedias Can You Say Weak!!


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I just got my promedias today. Hooked them up and was expecting to be blown away. They are extremely weak. I turn them up almost all the way and its still nowhere close to how loud I listen to music. True, I like my music loud, but something isn't right. 400W Where you at? I was reading the troubleshooting guide and it says to make sure the amplifier main power switch is engaged. I thought they meant the speaker switch on the control pod, but it also says that. That is something else. Where is this amplifier main power switch? What else could be wrong?

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Sounds like you need to call Klipsch Customer Support. The number is in my signature.

I have had my Pros up to 112db at my seated position. That is loud enough to cause hearing damage after awhile.



Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System Support



I am NOT

ProMedia Tech Support



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