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TV-out in Graphics Card


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Yep, I have an AIW Radeon which has Video-Out/Video-In (along with a t.v. tuner). It's great for editing videos. I watch DVD's out in the other room with it (run the wires from my room to the next through the wall) and the picture quality is great. I have yet to try games--though I did it with my Voodoo3 3000 and it was ok. The problem is the text is basically blurred out. It's hard to read text.

I did, however, run napster on my computer w/TVout enabled and was listening to music in the other room and the text was much more clear. So if my room ever gets organized, I'm going to have it so my friend can game on the computer and the rest of us can sit on my bed and watch him, via T.V. It would be pretty cool smile.gif

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let me get this straight. The card must have a Tv-out(S-Video out) so that you use your 29" monitor as a T.V!

TV-in in a card will let use your monitor as a T.V

If what you say is true then who the hell needs a 900$ 21" monitor when he can get a Geforce with a S-video out(same as TV out) and use a 500$ 29" monitor.you will be saving about 400$ and using a 29"

I am saying that becuase many people here are buying new systems and asking about monitors 19"-21" which cost the same as a standard 29"-32" TV .


Correct me if I am wrong!

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fawwaz - Unless you get one of those new TV/Monitor type of T.Vs, it's not going to be worth it. If you want to use your T.V as your monitor, get one of those expensive *** T.V.s that double as both a T.V. and a monitor. If you don't, you won't be able to read jack-**** . Think about surfing the net; you would get a headache! Trust me; it's hard to read the text. It's really just something that your friends can "ooo" and "ahhh" at; as far as gaming.

Now, when it comes to watchin' DVD's, it looks wonderful.

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Thanks Hipnotic_Tranz !

What is a monitor TV ? what do you tell the seller (he's ignorent already)

I don't know about Text , I am thinking of games here! ,not sure though but I think the better the Video card the better the picture ,although I don't know if you can get a higher than 800X600 resolution!!

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