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MX300 and CP-1 Headphone Jack


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If I plug in my headphones to the headphone jack on my pc-1 and then change the surround mode on my mx300 control panel to headphone mode, will a3d sound work correctly? or do i have to plug my headphones directly into the soundcard (i think into input 2, the channel for the rear speakers)?

also, the cp-1 adds quite a bit of buzzing sound. this is bad. any way to fix that? i have the cp-1 volume control most of the way down and my windows volume up high. reversing the two seems to make no difference whatsoever. as a matter of fact, the buzzing is there even when both volumes are set to 0 and muted!

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hmm just noticed that the buzz is gone since i moved home. maybe there was some sort of magnetic interference? i had the same problem with my bass guitar. in my room if i tried to turn the tone knob up at all it would just buzz really loudly, but it works fine everywhere else.

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