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CP-1 control pod upgrade... worth it?


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Hi, I have a pair of v.2-400s... had 'em ever since Klipsch started shipping them. The one (or two) features I've really wanted ever since I got them have been a headphone jack and, to a much lesser extent, an on/off switch to kill that slight hiss while I'm sleeping. Trouble is, if I'm going to pay $50 for it, I need to know if the pod is worth the cash... so:

1) Does it screw with the surround at all (I saw 2 people on this board had problems with that)?

2) How good is the quality output of the headphone jack? I don't need professional level quality or anything, just as long as it doesn't have any evident hiss or buzz is great.



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Quote by myself:

also, the cp-1 adds quite a bit of buzzing sound. this is bad. any way to fix that? i have the cp-1 volume control most of the way down and my windows volume up high. reversing the two seems to make no difference whatsoever. as a matter of fact, the buzzing is there even when both volumes are set to 0 and muted!

i bought the cp-1 soley for the headphone jack/amp. unfortunately it apparantly sucks. frown.gif

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