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50th Anniversary Klipschorns


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Thats a great idea James, as a Khorn(93) owner I've wondered that myself. I look forward to the reading BobG, hopefully one day I can make it to Hope and see first hand how it's done.


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Something funny going on here. I have a friend with a pair of 50th anniversary KHorns but they do not look like your pictures posted here. He swears he has the paperwork to prove they are what they are, but, they look exactly like the standard issue speakers - just slightly larger I think.

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It sounds like your friend has Klipschorns from the Klipsch 50th anniversary year, but they are not the 50th Anniversary Edition Klipschorns. All the 50th Anniversary Klipschorns will look like the the photos shown, with the only differences being the three different wood types as mentioned. The 50th Anniversary Klipschorn is cosmetically different, everything else is the same. If he has "Genuine Klipsch" Klipschorns, then they should be the same size as all other Klipschorns. If not, then he could have a homemade Klipschorn copy.

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There is a pair of 50th Anniv. K-Horns for sale (auction), at Audiogon. See link below. They are in CA.

He had them up before, but the buyer flaked. (FOOL)

I have no interest or relation to this, just an FYI.


(If the link does not work, just go to www.audiongon.com and do a search for Klipsch.


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Thought I'd bump this thread up a few years.

As Tony Reed has pointed out, PWK did not design or even particularly like the 50th Anniversary limited edition Klipschorn.

I like it though and am wondering what others think of it.

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Parrot, glad you bumped it up. The 50th Anniversary Khorn would indeed be a collectors item, so few of them were built.

When I visited the Klipsch Museum across from the factory in Hope, I stood and looked for quite a long time at the Anniv. edition there. Of course, all preferences for cosmetics are subjective, but I just didn't like it. Have even WANTED to like it, but after a couple of years of occasional contemplation of the design, have never acquired a taste for it. I'm happy for the folks that like it and wish you well in acquiring a pair of the rare rascals.

One disclaimer, I would want to add that I have an appreciation for the challenge of the designers. The task of designing a 50th anniversary model that does justice to the tradition and still does something worthy of some distinction in cosmetics. That was one heck of a hard job to have. If it was my responsibility to meet the same challenge, I have no clue what I would have done.

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