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6.2 setup with Philips AE or Hercules XP?


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Hey guys,

Just want to know if anybody has setup a 6.2 ( 4.1 + 2.1 or v.2-400 + 2.1) with either a Philips AE and Hercules XP Theatre sound card. I'm tired of Soundblaster Live! cards with their incompatibility issues ( i.e. VIA chipsets). I want to try something different anyway. The only problem with the Hercules XP Theatre card is that it's way more expensive than the Philips AE and the center channel input - while the Klipsch speakers use the mini-plug (1/8 stereo input jacks), the Hercules XP only has the RCA input. It is possible to get a an adapter, but I am concerned with the performance; will the adapter affect the sound quality or is it unnoticeable? Overall, I have read many reviews stating that the Hercules XP rocks and it's worth the buy. I have also heard many good things about Philips AE - it sounds more "clear" than the Soundblaster Platinum and less hiss is heard from the speakers. The advantage to this card is that it does have the mini-plug input for the center channel. Need more bass, need more power! Help me out here guys. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


I'm really not very familiar with the quality difference between the two

cards you're interested in. The 2.1s will work great as a center

channel--it would be best to get a card that supports the center with a 1/8"

mini plug connections---any time you use adapters or extension cables,

you'll potentially dimish sound quality a little (usually not much).

It would be best to post this topic on or bulletin board to discuss this

with other Klipsch owners who have potentially used these cards.

Thank you,

Amy Platt

ProMedia Tech Support


Like I said let me know what you think.

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Alright here is my first thing

Pro Media 2.1 will cost you about $200 after tax.

If you can find it a V2 400 will cost you $250.

If you have a 4.1 buy a V2 400 instead of the 2.1. its 50 dollers more, for over 2 times the preformance.

If you have a V2 400, just buy a 4.1 or another V2 400 instead of the 2.1

The extra 50 dollers it would cost to get the v2 400's instead of the 2.1's brings me ot my next point.

I would go with the Philips, unless you are going to use those USB ports and stuff on the X Gamer.

If you get a good convirter the RCA conversion shouldnt effect sound quality.

Conclusion :

buy a v2 400 set instead of the 2.1 if you can find one.. or get the 4.1.. its 50 or 100 dollers difference and you'll be alot more happier.

And buy the Cheaper card ( which is still good ) to compinsate.

Hope I could help

** everyone ** feel free to correct me if I am wrong.. i am just an ignorant 16 year old.

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skim, thats the setup im about to do. i already own the v2 400 and im about to order the 4.2 to have one part of it go as my center channel and the other half go into my other comp. cant wait. the audio card i currently use is the xp. i love this card and there is no way you shouldn't pay the extra 50 for it over the phillips. go check out the features man, its harder to find but great price for so many things. what im trying to do now is upgrade my speaker wire, that would finish up my whole setup.

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Can I make a suggestion? I've been reading extensively about the 2 cards you suggested, because I own a VIA KT133a board and I too was tired of my SB Live causing lockups and crashes.

Both sound like really great cards. It sounds like one thing putting you off about the Hercules is the cost.

Did you know that the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz is basically the same card as the Hercules Game Theater XP (it just doesn't include the external rack of connectors, which is what drives the Herc's price toward $150)...so if you don't need the rack, which I'm assuming you don't since you're considering the Acoustic Edge, you could just get the Santa Cruz and have the same sound card as the Hercules...

Just a thought!

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thats good insight iamyourzero. billyjean who owns a santa cruz told explain to me how the 2.1 added with the 4.1 setup wouldn't be too great because of apossible cross over with the lfe channel. basically if the lfe had a seperate output then it would be good. im not sure tho because i dont own that card but i will have the 6.2 setup real soon. once i can gather up 350 dollars for the 4.2

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Nightkidz,that was exactly what I was going to do. Buy the 4.2 setup because it costs much less than buying the 2.1 alone ( I think its something like ($150ea + ship if you bought the 4.2). Do you know how Philips AE performs? Although I do want the Hercules XP over the Philips, the price difference throws me off. Oh well, I might as well with the XP. As for the other 2.1, I was also going to hook it up to another computer we have in the house.

But I got a question for you guys, the new 2.1, 4.1, and 4.2 all have the new improved sonic performance through updated satellite crossover networks. I was wondering if I can switch the speakers (give the old two speakers that I have from the v.2-400 and replace it with the new improved speakers from the 2.1 that will used on the other computer). Will this create a problem or will the new improved speakers be compatible with the old subwoofer? Let me know what you think.

BTW, thanks for the replies. I don't know if I want to get the Santa Cruz (since I haven't read much reviews). But I will probably get the XP like I said before.

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skim, i just ordered the 4.2 from klipsch. when i get it all setup i'll let you know how it goes. i already got the mono to rca adapter i hope this doesnt diminish the sound quality. i doubt it would. i will post once i receive them from klipsch.

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sorry, forgot to add this. skim the xp is a great card not only because it has the external box which allows easy usb attachments for your game controllers but it also comes with the powerdvd(full version which includes free upgrades in the future) the powerdvd might support 8 channels in the future with updated drivers so you can use the headphone outs as another channel for speakers. then im taking back my other half of the 4.2 and throwing them in with my whole setup ehhe. hopefully powerdvd comes up with the 8 channel support soon.

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nightkidz, an 8.3 (v.2-400 + 4.2) will be crazy! I don't know if my ears would handle that kind of power! Cool, I think I am going to get the XP, but you got to let me know if the rca-mini-plig adapter "diminishes" sound quality. You lucky dog, I want the 4.2 real bad. I promised myself the first dvd to play is the matrix. Thanks for the response! But how about the question of the improved satellites replacing my old v2-400 satellites. Let me know if you are going to use the new satellites that you will put on the "other system" to replace the old satellites you have on the current v2-400.

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i dont know how thats gonna work. cuz the satellites have different voltage. maybe amy can answer this question for us. i'll fool around with it tho. i'll let u know once i receive the speakers, klipsch already sent me the tracking numbers.

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Forget it, Nightkidz!


I think I changed my mind about the 6.2 setup and will go for the 5.1 (finally they release it). Too much problematic issues with having the 6.2 and hercules game theater xp, although the 5.1 is considerably more expensive than the 4.2 (399.99 vs. 299.99) OUCH!

But new 8" subs vs. 6.5", better horn tweeters, DIGITAL LED volume display, volume controls for each : main, center, rear and subwoofer, and 500 WATTS vs. 400 watts

(all comparisons based on the new 5.1 and v.2-400)

are all worth the price!

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