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Moved...and need help setting up again!

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i just moved outta my dorm and back to my rent's basement. anyway, the sound in here is just awful...first of all there is plush think carpeting which seems to absorb all the bass. everything thats not absorbed goes to the rest of the house and not to my ears. if i turn my speakers up just a bit everyone complains even though i cant hear it in here. also, i dont have any corners i can put the sub in. any suggestions on how to improve sound?

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how close are you sitting to your speakers?

Try keeping your speaker atleast 3 feet from you...

Make sure no matter where you are ( your usual spots ) that you have atleast 1 of them pointing at you.

and your sub as close as possible about 1 foot above the ground.

I hope that helps.

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You'll need to move the sub to a more favorable spot in the room. If you can get it against a wall, that's next best to a corner. Then, you will likely need to move it left or right a couple of feet to find the best spot.

If all that fails, perhaps your whole rig can be moved to another wall?


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Nope frown.gif

no where I can move it to, no walls, nothin. I was thinking about going to Home Depot and buying some lumbar to build a wooden enclosure around it (or atleast under it) so that atleast some of the sweet sweet bass would get to my ears. frown.gif

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port facing the wall should be the loudest.... a couple of people suggested in other threads to place the sub where you sit normally then *crawl* around the room and find where the bass is STRONGEST.. then place your sub there. This works great... just dont let your family catch you crawling around your livingroom floor... lol.

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