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OT: Questions about LCD monitors...

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I'm waiting for LCD monitors to become cheaper and better. They are currently doing both. I've heard a lot of bad about the early LCD's, but apparently they are getting much better. But even the newer ones have their problems and are still kinda pricey.

I want to know 3 things about LCD monitors:

1) Is it reasonable to conclude that an LCD monitor will last longer than a CRT screen? CRT monitors can get pretty darn warm, and heat is one of the causes of the death of electronics. LCD screens supposedly run MUCH cooler than a CRT, so there is really no heat present to kill the unit. And you won't get the harmful heat up/cool down cycles that harm computer components and CRT monitors. Or is there reason to believe that a CRT monitor would last longer?

2) Will the picture quality of an LCD monitor degrade over time? I remember reading that if a CRT monitor lives a long life, it will get faded, blurrier, less bright and crisp than when it was new. Since there is no electron gun or supporting wires in an LCD screen, will an LCD that's 8 years old look like one that's brand new?

Also, a lot of LCD screens I've seen that are fairly old always have defects. In portable gaming devices, calculators, and electronic organizers there are common defects over time such as dead pixels, dead rows of pixels, and pixels that seem to stay illuminated no matter what. Will LCD monitors also develop these defects or are they much higher quality and immune to such problems?

3) With CRT monitors, it seems like brand matters very little when comparing similar tubes (except in the case of a KDS Trinitron... ). That is to say, if you buy a monitor with a Diamondtron tube, it doesn't matter if it's a Samsung or a generic monitor since they use the same tube because both will look nearly identical (though one may have more features). Is this the same with LCD monitors, or does quality vary greatly by manufacturer? Would a Viewsonic LCD be much better than a KDS, or would they both be equal in terms of reliablity and image quality?

Thanks much to all that can help. I'd really like to learn more about these.

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