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Nokia 21-Inch Model 445Xi MultiGraph Display


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What do you guys think of this moitor:

Nokia 21-Inch Model 445Xi MultiGraph Display

0.22mm H Dot Pitch / 1600 x 1280 Max Res

Features And Benefits

21 Nokia Multigraph 445Xi Color Display

The 445Xi is a 21" high resolution monitor designed for 1600 x 1280 resolutions with flicker free presentation. It is perfect for CAD/CAM and imaging applications.

The excellent picture quality from the screen center to the corner is insured by Nokias dynamic convergence correction.

The new architecture of the flatscreen tube with a 0.22 mm horizontal dot pitch gives superior color/whiteness uniformity and brilliance.

CRT Size

21-Inch Flatscreen Monitor

CRT Viewable Image Size

19.69-Inch = 500 mm viewable area

Dot Pitch (Horizontal)

0.22 mm

Maximum Resolution

1600 x 1280, 76 Hz and 1600 x 1200, 80 Hz

Adjusted Picture Size

30-102 KHz

Plug and Play

DDC level 1/2AB

Vertical Scan Frequency

387 x 290 mm

Horizontal Scan Frequency

50-150 Hz

Max Dot Frequency

200 MHz

User Interface

Brightness, contrast, height, vertical centering, width, horizontal centering, pincushion correction,tilt, trapetzoid, orthogonality, preset recall, colour temperature, red amplitude, green amplitude, blue amplitude, moire cancellation, convergency, degaussing and language (7 choices), Soft Power switch.


Separate TTL, positive/negative

Composite TTL, positive/negative

Composite, on green 0.3Vpp, negative

Power Supply

Universal 50/60 HZ, Connector type IEC 320,

90-260 VAC

Power Saving

According to VESA DPMS




Detailed Description

Resolution 1600 x 1280

Dot Pitch 0.22mm Horizontal

Size 21-Inch

Speakers None

I haven't heard of any nokia monitors so tell me about it thanks!!!

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I have a Nokia 445XPro 21inch/20inch viewable with a dot pitch of .22. I enjoyed my immensely and have gotten a lot of great response from whomever that have laid their eyes on it. Nokia a year ago have sold their monitor division to View Sonic so I don't know how the warranty policy work now so you might want to check out on it before you have it. I had mine for about 2 years now and never had a problem with it. Even had mine refresh rate up to 160hz at a resolution of 1280 x 960.

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