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RSW12 VS SPL1200


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The RSW12 would be my choice,the SPL1200 does dive deeper but not by much.

The price a SPL1200 costs you could get a Sunfire Signature.Goes deeper then the SPL1200,its a great sub for both muisc and on movies it crushes the competition.

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In your $ range you might also consider the HSU VTF-3. If size isn't an issue then look at everything from SVS.

Ron @ SVS guarunteed me if what I bought from them wouldn't seriously outperform all other subs I have owned that he would personaly pay shipping to return the SVS.

How can you go wrong with that?

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SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS SVS and SVS.Dont you see maybe space is of importance since compact subs were pointed out.

I still remain on my Sunfire Signature position,it will maul down the RSW12 and SPL1200 down low.A true HT compact dynamite

And even the Sunfire Mark IV would do a great job,most power per cubic inch.

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SVS = As Ear put it, Rolling Thunder with a mean streak. Might as well get ready for power outage.

SunFire = 13" thermonucular powerbricks with punch to spare.

Velodyne HGS = Ready for a true earthquake?

Klipsch RSW = Ever been punched in the chest multipule times?

Revel B15 = God is truly pissed off now!

LoL, sorry...got carried away 3.gif2.gif9.gif10.gif11.gif

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