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5.1 Klipsch?


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I'm a proud owner of the Klipsch v2 400 and about to invest in another pair of speakers paricularly the Klipsch 4.1. I have heard rumors of Klipsch releasing a 5.1 set by June 1st. Any details or where I can obtain this information. A website? I don't want to invest in the 4.1 this month and find out later that Klipsch will be releasing a new and maybe better product.

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The new ones are Pros..

You can hook the Pros up to just about anything - all you need is a few cable adapters and you can hook it up to your HTS

//Oh.. the reason they took t off was because tehy did not want the word out.. you weern't supposed to leak the info. beta testers are not supposed to leak the stuff they see.


1GHz TBird


Kingmax 256MB PC150

Annihilator2 32MB GT§

Intel Pro100+Management NIC

Promise Ultra100

IBM 75GXP 45GB ATA100 Maxtor DMP6800 27.2GB ATA66

Plextor 16X10X40A §ony 12X DVD

§BLive! 5.1

AOpen HX08 Full Tower 300W

§ony CPD-G400 19" Triny

ProMedia 4.1

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ohh yea!!.. at 5.1 set...


ahh well.

Althought it REALY makes me want to buy it... i'm not...........


K6-2 450

SB Live Value ( not 5.1)

Klipsch Pro Media v2 400 ( soon to be 4.1 )

2 Fisher STV-873's on front channel

2 Fisher surrounds on rear channel

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I already ordered the 4.1. I know I'm going to regret it when the 5.1 are coming out. I can't see myself spending more than $300 for computer speakers. I'm going to use my 4.1 as my front speakers and my v2 400 for my rear speakers. Its still going to rock. With 800 total rms watts how can you go wrong.

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Ya, im going to have my 4.1's tomorrow. Amy told me they are better for computers cause the 5.1's are more for HT. Anyways if they are 5.1 i cant imagin them being any lower than $150-200 more than the 4.1's, which is damn expensive. Besides i would have to upgrade my sound card i only have a sblive right now. Its outa my price range and they 4.1's are great, so im not gonna worry about it. i do have a dvd player in my computer but im sure downmixing to 4 channels will be good. Its this or the creative labs dtt3500's, and im not stupid. So klipsch here i come!

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I want to respond to paragon, Amy said it was ok to post on the forum about them, and said details on them are soon to come. Heres the message.

We haven't settled on all the details yet, so I really can't give you much info. You can mention on the BB that you saw them in the beta test of the website, that's fine. Obviously we can't keep that under wraps since we let several customers in!

We'll be making some announcements in the near future about the 5.1 and a decoder...

Thank you,

Amy Platt

ProMedia Tech Support


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