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Fun at the Bose outlet

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the only other speaker I would buy 2nd to Klipsch is Polk Audio. They have awesome sub's and center channel's. Actually the Polk PSW 450 sub is the best sub I ever heard. If I had a pair of bose speaker's the only use I would have for them is target practice with my new bb gun.

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Cirqueoc -

I would love to hear your account, however longwinded.


I'm not as taken by Polk Audio speakers as you are. Only their very best can compete with Klipsch. Polks usually have a very nice and well filled out bass end. The tweeter is only good in their best models. Often very colored in the midrange.

B&W is the only speaker producer that can even come close to impressing me as much as Klipsch. For B&W, their imaging is not great unless you get a lot of power behind them. Their drivers however are incredible in their uniformity throughout their range. The drivers are mostly uncolored (tonally). Like Klipsch, they are often accused of being "tinny" by those who haven't heard much in the way of live music in a concert hall. Output is on a par with most average speakers.

B&O (Bang and Olufsen) on the other hand is incredible to me for non musical reasons. True, their equipment and speakers produce only adequete sound at best, but their use of Danish Modern styling and state of the art switching and electronics is beyond what almost any manufacturer would ever want to subject themselves to. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the state of electronics is now such that every walkman has the innovative switching that was seen on B&O stuff thirty years ago (you remember, the first time we saw futuristic electronic equipment was in the movie "2001. A Space Oddessy". The second time we saw cool futuristic electronic equipment was down at the local -if you were fortunate- stereo store that sold this odd Danish brand called Bang & Olufsen. The third time was ten years later in the early 80s when another stereo store picked-up the B&O line..sounded more mundane than ever now on the dawn of the CD era, but look at those cool stainless steel and fabric wall hangings that are actually speakers instead of wall mounted flat sculptures...reminds me of Dad's 1962 era Jensen wall mounted speakers, but with acceptable sound).

Oooo..sorry about the digression...Cirqueoc, don't feel ashamed to ramble-on...

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Funny......I was in Jeffersonville (Washington Courthouse) ,Ohio (half-way between Cincinnati and Columbus on I-74) at a rather large outlet mall. Of course, Bose had a store there. Loved it when the 901's were in a very crampted room closely displayed with other speakers and room items that destroy the "surround effect" that these are toted for. Another testimonial of their own factory trained people are clueless!! But then again..consider the source.



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Enough boxes for a fire hazard!

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cc1091: Actually what I meant was the polk Audio has a much better subwoofer than klipsch. i compared a number of brands and the Polk out performed all of them. I know many people that agree with me on that one. Although polk's cannot match the power and effeceincy of Klipsch speaker's. klipsch makes the best floor speaker for the money, no doubt about it.

I never heard the B&W's so i can't comment on them. Actually I've never seen them in any audio store. Who carry's them?


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Not again!!! Not Bose - please. What is the fascination with these speakers?

I have heard a set with 4 little ones and a sub in a colleagues house. They are ok - nothing special, nothing terrible. They are just a means of producing stereo sound at a reasonable sound in a market packed with products that do the same .

Klipsch are not like this. Klipsch produce an evocative sound that aims at an entirely different experience.

I would no more compare Klipsch to Boss than a 50cc Honda to a Harley (the most American analogy I could think of).

If someone tells me they have an xyz system I say "that's nice." I do not react differently whether its a Sharp, Sony, Bose, Philips, Kenwood or whatever, it makes no difference. If they ask I tell them I have mixed components. Only if they are interested and want to hear my sound would I subject them to it. Why make someone feel foolish just because they are not an audiophile?

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I grew up listening to my dad's system, which consisted of 4 Series I Bose 901's with an old Heathkit amplifier and Dual turntable, then later the fifth Series I was added with a new Carver 270 WPC receiver and CD player. Although it was not the best system I have ever heard, it was certainly better than most systems in those days. He played mostly Bach, Mozart, and the Stones. 270 watts per channel certainly helped drive the Bose to respectible volume, and with 45 full range speakers pumping away, the bass was good on classical tracks (pipe organ).

Would I buy them....no

Are they beter than Sony-Aiwa-Yamaha-other speakers....probably.

Just my .02

Don't beat me up....



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Klipsch Heresy I Surrounds

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thanks Ray, i'll have to go down there this weekend and check em out.Biggrin.gif..................................................................

Well went to Audiofx and listened to the B&W's. They sound really good. I dont know if I like that futuristic wrap around design with the big black dome on the top though. And the price tag was WILD to say the least ($8000 hehe). Still have to say Klipsch is #1 on my list.

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I have been to a Bose Outlet store. After my friend and I Listened to there theater demo I went to speak to a sales person. I told him what I owned and asked him if the cubes would work with well with my Kg-4's and he said no. He said the Klipsch would over power the cubes. So he even admitted that they can't compare to Klipsch. That's when I decided to get on the Klipsch web page and ask what would be a good match for my Kg-4's. They replyed the SS-1's and I am very happy with the SS-1's. the best bose speaker I ever from bose was the 301 that i owned for many years.


Lascala's, kg-4's, ss-1's, pro-media 4's

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