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This journalist calls THESE dream speakers?


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Ah Yes, the Ear and his imaginary gear, tisk, tisk. Must be a pain sitting on a stack of phone books in your easy chair so your Ears can reach the sweet spot. I'll call on you sometime if I ever need a roving beer stand.

You take things too seriously! Must be those 80Hr weeks in the Canadian plants in Quebec, eh! Lots of stress, eh.

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"Must be those 80Hr weeks in the Canadian plants in Quebec, eh! Lots of stress, eh."

I work in a plant! Oh ok if you say so Mr Frantznitwit,so I guess they have computers with NET access near each plant machine too,huh.


And my imaginary gear is working great,and sounding as flat as ever.

Your imagination is playing tricks on ya Frantznitwit


"Must be a pain sitting on a stack of phone books in your easy chair so your Ears can reach the sweet spot."

Oh I did not know you use phone books in a stack as chair Frantz,you sound like an experienced phone book user.

You talk about imagination!! You should stay clear,as you NEVER HEARD the speakers described by the so called journalist.Again since you know I unmasked your little pointless worry about efficiency you had to lower yourself and dig up phonebooks and beer with imaginjary gear.LOL Pathetic

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All are entitled to their opinion and tastes but a post like the above is both juvenile and moronic with the associated name calling etc......I agree the Dynaudio are an excellent speaker and will leave any other comments aside as, once again, they would only be my opinion. BTW, the Krell always sounds somewhat "steely" to me but then again what do I know------frankly they're not worth .25 battered canadian bucks more than a good Bryston. The thing that draws me to the Heritage series, particularly the Khorns or La Scalas is the ability to reproduce the full dynamics of drums and percussion and a sense of "you are there" on jazz, the Dynaudio do well also but require .5 KW to achieve the instantaneous peaks of "rim shots" and large scale percussion impulse. I will say this, I've personally witnessed the test of a T330D Dynaudio tweeter and it indeed will not compress on a 120db output level impulse----But it takes 1kw to achieve this. HOWEVER, there was no compression.....From a fellow Canadian.

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WOW I have a steely sounding amp! 6.gif I heard Bryson and Bryston is "ironic"


Parasound is "wooly" and Aragon "rounded"


Please do better

And TheEAR "irritating"

Steely where did you fish this nonsense? Krell is natural sounding and does not have a trace of edge or audible electronic glare.Where did you fish and hatch this "steely" parody? Oh I get it you used agressive JBL stage sound reinforcement speakers and played Metallica Kill Them All...so sweet and natural.

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hmm, speaker colorations. who cares, you're only reproducing a recorded, cleaned up version of the orignal thing, so what does it really matter if the klipsch color it? you're already so far from the real thing, at this point it doesn't really matter. sure, dynaudio's may have a flat response, but all they can reproduce is what's fed to them, and unless you have magic components, it is the same heavily altered source material being fed through all of our systems. with that in mind, I just get what sounds good to me. after doing many performances, I can tell you no speaker ever created comes close to a live performance, not dynaudio contuour 3.3's are no closer than anything else.

colorations aside, notice how much resources you have to invest to get dynamic performance out of the dynaudio's. Klipsch can sound incredible with less than 5 watts, with dynaudio you wouldn't be unwise to be running 300 watts per channel, which is exactly what you're doing with that krell 3.gif . so anyway, look at the prices. say you buy Klipsch RF-7's from a retail dealer, $2200. the quick silver horn monoblock tube amps will get you a VERY dynamic sound, at only about 1,600 a pair. so, there you have it, a dynamic system for 3,800 RETAIL.

now, for the less efficient, dynaudios...15.gif you claim to get the most out of the dynaudio's, you need a VERY high end amplifier. take your krell for example. the list on these babies is 12,500. the dynaudio contours will run you close to 7 grand for the pair RETAIL 6.gif .

so there it is, 2 nice, very dynamic systems. one costs 3,800, the other 19,500. In reality, the colorations the klipsch bring forth don't really matter when you look at all the coloring the recording equipment does, and the mastering the studio engineers do, and lastly the sound quality degradation as it finally makes it's way to CD format. dynaudio's are realistically portraying the music as it was originally RECORDED and ALTERED, not as it was originally PLAYED. klipsch do the same. so, if you prefer the sound of klipsch, they truely are the superior speaker from both a price and sound quality standpoint. it comes down to personal preference. you say you listen to your klipsch for rock music and things that it doesn't make a difference if it's colored or not. I listen to my RF-5 Mcintosh combo for almost strictly jazz music, and it sounds excellent to me. as good as any Dynaudio speaker, but thats just my opinion. to you, the less bright/colored sound is the way to go. to each his own. "


excellent comments!!!... thank you for your very detailed analysis.....

please forgive me for any negative comments that i may have expressed earlier on this forum....

a very intelligent response on this thread....

thumbs up and admiration for your insight!!!!

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You're taking this much too personally and with responses that seem to border on irrational anger. No "Rock" here, I listen to primarily small jazz combos and classical. I also own some Mapleshade recordings which are a purists delight. The speakers I have listened to Krell on (for your own reference purposes) were Quad ESL63s and also some of the Meadowlark models with both vinyl and CD, and by no means am I saying its a bad amp---just my particular conclusion at that time and under those circumstances! I am posting a link here to an analysis of IM/doppler distortion and its audibility from a reasonably authorative source. (a demonstration that very small excursion speakers i.e. horns or electrostatics have inherently low distortion e.g. I.M. and harmonic distortion) I haven't heard any JBL in years so that assumption is totally inaccurate, but I assume you were joking.

You use the reference "loud-a-phile" which leads me to wonder at what levels most "hornies" do listen. Through my involvement in community noise abatement etc., I have access to an ANSI Type2 SLM. The levels I listen to at my listening point (15-17ft from the speakers) is generally 75 dba-80 dba and if using the "C" weighting about 82-85 dbc, of course just for fun I'll "crank it" on the odd recording but not too often. I often wonder how many audiophiles are aware or have the means to do a SPL check......It can be revealing.

Bit of math here but worth the time....Stay calm and enjoy your substantial investment and, I'm not being sarcastic when I say, I'm sure its sound great.



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I literally walked away from this thread in order to think before blindly replying. So, with a clear mind, here goes......

Though I've not posted very much, I've hung around this BB for a while now. And during my time here I've seen some jerks come & go. But, for whatever reason TheEar just never seems to leave nor does he learn how to get along. His attitude in this thread is both sad and consistent. And to be quite honest it's tiring and unwarranted. Additionally, it's the single factor that made me leave this BB for a period of time in hopes that he'd either leave or learn to get along. Unfortunately, neither has happened. In fact, I had a conversation with a Moderator about this very same attacking attitude of TheEar. So, I'm gonna say it now publicly....

TheEar - You take audio very seriously and we all know and respect that. You've listened/owned a lot of equipment and we all give you that as well. And you can be a great source of information - WHEN YOU WANT TO. But when someone disagrees with you, show them the respect they show you. Sarcasm and belittling will not make anyone want to carry on a meaningful discussion with you. Being condesending and resorting to name-calling is a turn-off. The person you do this to doesn't appreciate it and I don't appreciate reading it. So it's quite simple.



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Thank you TheEar. And I say this with all honesty - you can be a really neat person when you want to be. I'm fairly certain you want to help people and voice your opinions/observations. And people will listen to you when you show them respect like you showed me with your response. It took courage not to flame me and I respect that.

I'm listening to you once again. 1.gif


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THE TRUTH IS: we all know BOSE makes a superior speaker, and we all just holding onto our Klipsch....hoping beyond hope....that somebody...any body, will trade their cubes or 901's for our heritage.

some people need to lighten up a bit


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The proverbial hatchet is burried,let Klipsch and Dynaudio coexist.They do coexist quite in harmony at home. 1.gif

B0$e has two state of the art tricks nobody has,Acoustic Mess and Direct Repulsive reflected distortion.Plus adds so numerous they etch the glorious B0$e name forever in the minds of the fellow audiophiles.

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"Let Klipsch and Dynaudio coexist"

Beautifully put, TheEar!

And why not?

I have KLF 20s, a C-7 and S-6s in my living room Multi-channel system, with a Rotel pre-pro and five channel Rotel amp and Paradigm Servo 15 subwoofer, and it sounds absolutely fantastic!!

And I have B&W CDM1SEs with a CJ preamp and poweramp and REL subwoofer in my bedroom, and it sounds . . . absolutely fantastic!!

The bedroom system is more refined and a bit "sweeter." The living room system is more dynamic and lively, and by far the better bargain. Neither is boring, both are engaging.

I love Klipsch products in a way that I don't love B&W or any other speaker brand. I love the history of the company, and its founder PWK, and the philosophy of horns. And, I think the speakers are a great bargain. They have never been a "high end" or "audiophile" speaker, which is part of their charm. (I also have Heresy IIs that sound great but are sitting alone for now without a system). But that does not mean that more costly speakers, like Dynaudio, Thiel, B&W 800 series, etc., are not better in some respects (for a price).

I would like to hear these "marvels" that Mr. MSNBC writes about. I doubt I would buy them, and I get the sense he ain't that knowledgeable, and I laughed too when he disclosed that he was using an expensive SE tube amp, but I'm always curious to hear new products. I don't understand why that makes anyone defensive about their Klipsch.

Interesting thread, and nice comments from Tom and TheEar at the end.

I do like this BB.


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