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RF-3 II dent in woofer


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I recently deiscovered a slight dent in the lower woofer of my RF3-II.

I havent noticed much difference in sound altough I havent really pushed it yet. Any reccomendations on the easiest way to replace this? Ideally Id like to order the part and do it myself if possible. The idea of taking it back to tweeter and losing them for 2 weeks isnt a great thought. Any help would be great.


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If you really want to replace ( I wouldn't stand a dent either)

just unscrew the 4 screws. Leave the speaker standing. Unscrew 3 screws and leave one at the bottom of the driver you want to replace. When you unscrew this last one hold the driver at the bottom so it won't come out.

When the screw is out you can gently release the woofer. The bottom of the woofer will come out first because of the weigth of the magnet. That is why you need to leave one screw at the bottom.

A more complex way but maybe better. (Less risky)

Lay down the speaker on its back. Unscrew the woofer. Unscrew the horn.

Take out the horn by grabbing it inside. Now through the holl of the horn you can push the woofer up with one hand so it will come out.

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The screw head is a Torx 20 and if you choose to remove the driver, note the color of the wire connected to the woofer terminal marked with a dot or +. You need to reconnect the two woofer wires in the same polarity.

The dent is merely cosmetic. It will not change the sound. If you choose to replace, you can purchase from 800-klipsch

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Don't try to target the 5min. Take your time as up to 30 min.

It is very easy to make another dent on the woofers with a thoughtless brutal move and a screwdrive in your hand.

As BobG says you have to notice the polarity of the woofer.

This is not necessary as the connectors for the - are smaller then the one for +. So no mistake can happen.

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