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Help with PS Audio Power Plants?


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Hi guys. I have been doing some research and I've read alot of things about PS Audio's power plant AC regenerators. I was wondering if anybody here uses the P300, P500, P1000, or P1200 and if they truly made your dreams come true, or made only a slight difference.

I only became interested because I've noticed that at higher volumes when I play my music, if I walk right up to the horn of my RF-7's I can hear a faint static hiss. If I pause my CD then I can hear it better. As I increase the volume, the hiss becomes more and more apparent. Now granted, if I was playing the source at these volumes it would be so loud the hiss would not be audible...but it still bothers me that I have hiss despite using XLR cables, PS Audio power cables, top of the line monster power units, and I have no lamps or any other things around that could introduce interference.

Am I just tripping and this hiss is normal, or is something terribly, terribly wrong?

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You will always have a hiss with the horns. I have Khorns and do not enjoy my hiss. I run a Balanced audio technology amp and Aragon Stage one. Although, the music is reproduced unbelievably. I use transparent speaker cables and rca's. As for the power regeneration, ps audio does it well. But there is better(Richard Grey-240v,API power wedge) have demoed p300, p600 on my front end components(pre/pro and cd) and it has made a difference. It really depends on the crap thats coming out of your wall. I went a step further and installed two 20amp circuits with isolated grounds to cure most of my problems. I am drawing quite a load though. With two amps, 2 subs,cd, dvd, 73" t.v, satellite, hd and the list goes on. As for two ch. listening, the P300 is very nice. I believe they have a 30 day return policy. You should be able to find a good deal on audiogon. If your willing to spend the jack. You be suprised at how much clean power will run ya. As for running monster power centers. I won't. But thats me. Anyone who puts in writing in there manual...Unplug from wall if bad weather occurs is definately selling something funky. Try looking at the Transparent Power Bank Six, I was thouroughly impressed when I hooked it up. Didn't change the sound one bit, plus provides surge protection.


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Well the only thing is I've come to the conclusion that the hiss is (as you all stated) a result of the speaker's high efficiency and the amps they are connected to. However, even if I got RGPC or PS Audio products, everybody advises me NOT to plug my 2 amps into any sort of conditioner/power regenerator etc for it will limit the dynamics. Even Parasound says keep the darn things in the wall.

I mean the hiss isn't bothering me in the sense that I can hear it when watching movies/listening to music at any of my 3 couches surrounding the TV -- it's just that I thought I could completely eliminate hiss with the best connections and power conditioners. I guess there will always be some.

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