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Sorry fellas...


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I'm announcing the withdrawal of deang from the Klipsch forums.

It was actually deang's idea, though I imagine he expected me to do what I always do: give him so much credit for the thought that he can go on doing what he wants!

It's been a long time coming. Truly. I believe I have shown the patience of a saint while deang has insisted on spending all his free time here, with you. Now I'm insisting that he spend his free time with his wife and children.

I also have a theory: I believe the amount of money you all spend on these noisemakers (aka audio equipment) is directly related to the amount of time you spend on these audio forums!

No offense, but it amazes me that you people can actually function at all socially when you spend so much of your time escaping from reality on these forums. Well, deang will practice escapism no more. He is returning to cold, hard reality--it is his turn to hold the screaming baby for a change! :/

Follow deang's lead and take a break. Do a few items on your honey-do list. Who knows, the Mrs might be so pleasantly surprised by the extra $ in the budget and your new-found energy, that you might actually reap some benefits.

I imagine Dean will occasionally sneak back on after I've gone to bed, but my hope is that he'll come with me.2.gif

Carpe Diem!

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Man I guess I shouldn't of called him last night to yack about his new gear we were on the phone till 2 AM and it looks like I got my good old buddy in trouble ! I was just to curious as to what he thought of the new gear and he said give him a jingle so I did ! I'm burned right out because of it myself ! Sorry if I caused a problem.

I'll tell you what my wife says if it wasn't this hobby it would be another ! At least with this she knows I'm not wandering in the worst way ! Some guys absolutely have to have something to preoccupy there busy brains 1.gif My wife likes this hobby way better than most I've had in are 16 years together at least it keeps me at home ! But still you have to share your time in a reasonable manner.


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I am a "working hours" forum member also...home time is spent almost always off-line...what deang needs is to establish an equilibrium point...mrs. deang (may we call you debbie?), take him away for a while, but let him wander back from time to time...you have to look at the b-board like a virtual community of friends with the same interests, let him spend some time with his friends, just not TOO much. warm regards from sunny El Salvador, tony

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If my wife ever did this to me there would be no going back.

Stand up. Grow a set. Be a man.

And I'm not talking about reaching some sort of agreement with one's spouse as to time management--that's FINE, but to have your wife come in here and speak of you as some kind of wayward child who needs sheparding? If I were you I wouldn't get in that bed for a LONG, LONG time---if EVER!


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I doubt there is much chance of you getting reeled in here, only people really in love with audio toys and music have THAT problem.

But this IS a nice group of people to spend time chatting with, especially about one of our favorite hobbies...my wife often complains that I spend a little too much time (and money) on audio, I try to control myself and we have managed to find a happy balance, she gives me good, open feedback about when she thinks I am spending to much (time OR money) on a particular hobby and I do my best to be a good partner.

...so far so good...

You have given deang a strong, direct indication of how you feel and what you want, I am sure he will respond.

Later, after you have seen positive results I am sure you will want him to REASONABLY indulge himself in his hobby and will allow him again to spend some time with like-minded friends. We will miss him in the meantime.

Best regards, tony

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I think this could start a trend. When my wife comes home (from making the real money) I will show her this thread. She may even register (although it may be after our Tahoe weekend trip)!

Kudos (and other snacks) to you, Debbie (really!). Can Dean still play his favorite CD's while wiping drool/poop/pudding/etc.? That would be a nice concession.

For Mrs. fini, I know the main objection is sheer volume (H X W X L) of junk inhabiting our abode.

So, what's your favorite 12AX7? 9.gif


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On 9/12/2003 2:16:48 PM Allan Songer wrote:

Go away, Debbie. Now that you have Dean's balls once again safely in your pocket there's no reason to crow about it around here. None of us are interested in anything you have to say.


Hello Debbie:

I'm kind of one of the black sheep in the family.

But I AM interested in what you have to say and my wife and I compromise, I don't tell her, she doesn't tell me. No-one's personals are in the pocket.

No-one speaks for me, I speak for myself. I believe that would be the consensus of the board. I also believe the members would be interested on your take from time to time,. Speaking for myself I enjoy reading a number of different opinions.

And don't let the post I'm quoting get to you, read pages three (3) and Four (4) of the Cornwall Vault thread, Allan has some great poetry there.

A nice way of doing things would be to come on together at times. Dean is and has been a great help to us all.

So, if this is not a joke, my best to the both of you and possibly consider coming on to the Forum together once in a while.

We would love to have the two of you.

Best Wishes and give my regards to Dean.


Win dodger

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