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For Sale - lots o stuff


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I am planning on listing the following on ebay/audiogon in order to preserve my marriage. Being new to this most excellent forum, garymd informed me of the custom of listing here first(Plus I hear BigBusa ended up hospitalized for the beating he took here and I wouldn't be able to listen to my Cornwalls in the itc). So, here goes-

*Mcintosh Mr-77: s#28y24.Looks excellent, works good.All meters/lights working except "stereo" indicator.I dropped new bulb inside of chassis when trying to change and closed her back up.Glass and front lettering just about perfect,rear lettering 75%. 450.00

*Soliloquy 6.2: s# 2116-00,2115-00.DOM 7/20/00.Fit/finish is as good as it gets.Beautiful cherry finish religously oiled.A solid 94lbs each.89db, 12ohm.Used succesfully with 8w 300b.Original grills have broken attachments.Have orig. man/packing so will ship. 850.00

*Aloia 11.01i: s#000719.Orig man,packing,blk war card,rciept.Inductive psu.Mint except for scratch/rub marks on psu top.Awesome build and performance.I may decide to keep this and build my new system around it(and the Corns too, of course).Remote kept in ziplock.Will consider offers over 1100.00

*Linn Genki: s#001751.Orig box/man.Condition 8-9.Actually its pretty much flawless but nothing is mint or 9/10, at least in my experiences.Remote kept in ziplock. 900.00

*Merrill Hierloom:Again this is pretty much flawless with the exception of the armboard being drilled but i'll call it an 8.Oil bath motor.Lead & acrylic inner and outer platters.Merril acrylic record clamp.I believe the armboard & subchassis are carbon fiber but not certain.Black deck inside of solid oak surround

*Audio Technica AT-1009.Purchased nos last year.On the fly adjustable vta(the reason I used it).Condition is 8-9 but finger lift is missing.Comes complete with rare AT pneumatic arm lift assembly(ok,thats another reason). Table & arm:650.00 Table:575.00 Arm:150.00

*Apogee Centaur: Medium version(not major or minor).Ribbon hybrid with 10' woofer.I purchased these used from a local hifi dealer and was told the following: one owner,factory rear ports,factory reinforced ribbons.Include matching apogee fillable stands.These are currently working as they should.Condition is a 6(?). There are several places where the black veneer has chipped or lifted.Nothing large or noticeable from a few feet away.Used properly in the right system these can be absolutely breathtaking.These speakers are fragile so I will not ship.Will meet or deliver anywhere between NY/Boston for free.(esp. Boston:) 600.00

*Wright-Sound Mono 8:300B monoblocks. OBM.Check out www.wright-sound.com.Again these are almost mint but i'll call them an 8.Slight bit(aprox.1/4") of lettering missing on the front of one unit. 1100.00

*VPI 16.5:Record cleaning machine.OBM.I believe this was a factory blem.Veneer is flwed in a few places and glass lid isn't exactle centered so it occurs a bit of reistance when being closed.The lid could be easily fixed but I never felt the need.Functions perfectly and is presentable. 300.00

***Additional Items: Sansui G50000(7)

Thorens TD-165(6-7)

Clearaudio Aurum Beta S(bent cant,but sounds good)

Thorens headshell(8)

DH Labs BL1,Air Matrix,Q-10

Polk CS245 center(8,no b/m),Polk Monitor Series II surrounds(white,6),Polk S4&stands(5),Polk RT400(8,obm)

Yamaha yst-sw160(7,obm)

LPB/Russco broadcast table & arm(9,purchased nos 2 years ago,obm for both)

Yeasu FRG-7(7).

I will also be culling through my 1k vinyl collection and thinning out my 70's &80's rock/pop section(500 lps). Let me know if you are looking for anything particular.

Well... that's all folks. Thanks for looking. I can email pics if seriously interesred. I will consider trades or partial trades in either direction.Mostly interested in valve pre. amp, cd. Thanks again-Rob

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On 9/14/2003 12:53:15 PM groover wrote:

All meters/lights working except "stereo" indicator.I dropped new bulb inside of chassis when trying to change and closed her back up.Glass and front lettering just about perfect,rear lettering 75%. 450.00



Is that a 6LU6? I need one for my MX110. Got any extras laying around?

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Wow. Thanks for all of the interest. I will return all emails this evening. Funny, I thought the Genki would garner a lot of interest.

Oh, regarding the bulb, you could always buy the 77 and go fishin. LOL. Or let me trade up for the 110. LOL. No, seriously I'll take a look around.

Thanks again,


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I might also be interested in the 70's/80's rock albums. If you have a list, that would be great. If not, where in SE CT are you, as I am near Danbury and might be able to make a road trip. Are the Mono 8's the "re-designed" ones as mentioned on their page?

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Hello All. Here is an update. Thanks for the response thus far.

The VPI has been spoken for several times by commited persons.

The amps and the Merril are on hold for a couple of days until I can get some pics out to those who asked. If you are interested email me and I can put you on the list.

I don't have commitments yet on anything else.

Thanks again,


Oh, and please don't address me as "Grover". I am "Groover". Grover is a blue fuzzy little guy:)

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