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To all the regulars out there...


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  • Moderators

Just a quick note to tell you guys how much I appreciate your help and participation on this board. It really makes it a pleasure to moderate...

Now for a favor smile.gif :

I'll be going on vacation until next Tuesday (the 30th). There will be moderators filling in for me, but if you notice someone needing my help specifically, just tell them to sit tight until then.

Thanks again to all!


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New Signature. (Hope this isnt bad karma.)c>


Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System Support



I am now Temporary

ProMedia Tech Support (Along with all the other regulars on this board.)

promediatech@klipsch.com (hofmonstr@rocketmail.com)


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  • Klipsch Employees

Hey guys(?)

Just thought I would let you know who I am.

I work the hope office and tech the home and pro audio side of Klipsch.

Amy tells me that I won't have much to do here because of you.

I welcome all your help. If you see something or someone that needs my help and I haven't answered the post, drop me a line.


1-800-554-7724 opt.5

that phone will get Matt Whatley or my self.

Thanks again



Trey Cannon

Technical Support

Klipsch Audio Technologies

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