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damn you klipsch! cheated me again! I bought the v2.400's in december. when they announced the 4.1's, I was like "DOOH! Frown.gif " So I went out and bought the CP-1 just so I would feel better. Now that you announce the 5.1's just 5 months later, I'm like "DOOOOOOOoH Mad.gif: " Why can't you be a good little corporation and announce upcoming projects like everyone else?? Frown.gifFrown.gif

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They like to anger customers. You see they are planning to get all their current customers extremely angry so they will no longer be customers. Then they will gain a whole new set of customers who hopefully will have punchier base and better speakers cable. They're upgrading you!

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I can't believe that all of these people are complaining about klipsch releasing better products. I mean no one is forcing you to buy these great new products. I still have the original v.2-400's and I'm extremely happy. I guess some people just like companies that don't have great engineers that think up new ideas to improve products. I'm also very tired of these paradigm people...if they haven't noticed this is a klipsch board and we don't need someone to keep telling us that there are better products out there if we spend more money...that's just common sense



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