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Multi-region DVD Player Recommendations?


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Thanks guys...I actually searched around on yahoo and found 2 very good sites: http://www.dvdoverseas.com/dvd.htm and http://www.220-electronics.com/. While I'm hardly an advocate of online electronics purchases, mutli-region (ORANGE PEEL - I think you were thinking of multi-format) dvd players are almost impossible to find at any B&M store or "authorized" etailer like crutchfield, j&r, etc.

What most players being sold on these sites are popular makes and models of dvd players (complete with digital optical and coaxial outs, progressive scan, component outpouts) that have been modified with a special chip that allows playback of dvd's from regions 1-6. Also, they have built in PAL-NTSC converters so you can play any dvd from anywhere around the globe without an external converter.

I ended up going with the JVC SA-602 which retails for $399 (as they claim) and I got it for $189. SHADY? Yes, somewhat...but I decided to gamble with my luck this once. Heck, I won $500 from Veijas and another $300 from Pachanga in San Diego this past weekend...I might be on a winning streak.

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