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20 years in this hobby and today I am a first time Klipsch owner.

Pistol Pete

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I have been into stereo equipment for at least 20 years and I into the HT thing about 6 years ago. I have bought and sold ALOT of speakers and electronics and taken a pretty good loss every time, but its been a fun ride. I have tried $100+ interconnects and speaker cables , high end source components and all kinds stuff.

I have owned speakers from JBL, Paradigm, PSB, and a few others including ones I have built myself.

For some reason Klipsch speakers did not do it for me for a long time, but as I get older my hearing has changed and so have my tastes.

Klipsh speakers sound better than anything else does to me right now.

I bought everything from the Good Guys so I dont have

to worry about having any warranty issues, here is what I went with and why.......

RF-3IIs for the mains because they were priced right

and sounded incredible, I just love the crisp mids and highs they put out.

RB-25s for the rear surrounds because they are front ported and are very wall mount friendly, they extend down to 49hz and against the wall they will go even lower, they are sensitive and really a perfect surround speaker for those of us that prefer need a direct radiating bookshelf for the rear.

The RB-3s are simply not suited nearly as well for surround use.

For center duty I will get either an RC-3 or RC-35....they were out of RC-35s and have been out of RC-3s for a long time. Most likely I will go with an RC-35 because it extends deeper because it is ported.

Subwoofer duty is yet to be decided but I dont need much more than that last lower octave and a little supplement up high. Probably a nice high powered sealed sub is what I will go with since I dont want to have to deal with trying to place a vented unit that is tuned too high.

All these are powered by my Yamaha RX-V3300 in my small dedicated HT room.

For video I use an Infocus X1 projecting onto a 6' wide 16:9 screen.

Since I have owned so many other electronics and speakers I am very content with my new Klipsch speakers...I wont have to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side anymore because I have already been there and done that for the most part. 4.gif

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I am somewhat of a newbie at the HT thing, although I have had an interest in music and stereo equipment since high school (wired my room w/speaker wires in the walls, etc...) Today I am happy to tell you that I picked up part of my order from Klipsch. (My RF-7's came in). I eagerly await the Rc-7 and the RSW-15-hopefully I'll get them shortly!!!

Congrats on your purchase!


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Congrats on joining our cult! Now you must buy an all black velvet robe with red silk trimming and a solid oak paddle and have atleast 100 candles burning...oh wait, that's my fraternity.

Nice purchases though! You'll love your speakers...especially they RF-3II's and the RC-35. As far as subs go, I'd say check out the Klipsch reference line, SVS, and HSU. But SVS above them all.

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congrats on your purchases. I just got my RF-5s a week ago, and I wouldn't trade them for anything (Well, there are the RF-7 money, money, money.)

I don't have a sub yet, but it seem like everybody here likes the SVS.

Enjoy your new toys Pistol. Congrats again.


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You know what,it took me almost ten years before I give Klipsch any serious consideration(probably due to the upper freq.hearing loos LOL).

I started with the very modest Paradigm ATOM(still have them),then upgraded to Spendor( a real upgrade quality wise)from there went to Dynaudio Contour,upgraded to larger Contour Dynes.Then tried Monitor Audio,Thiel.I liked the Thiel 3.6 alot,almost purchased them,a final A/B with the Contour 3.3 made me force a close vote in favor of the 3.3's.

And one day I decided to give Klipsch a try,and since this day I PURCHASED A GOOD FEW KLIPSCH speakers and subs.1.gif

Klipsch is not a favorite with US reviewers for some bizarre and snooty reason.In Europe however reviewers like Klipsch alot,many French high end(real high end)audio mags like Haute Fidelite like Klipsch speakers and rate them high.

Klipsch paired with tubes or smooth sounding solid state does wonders.

In any case enjoy your Klipsch speakers

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Congrats and welcome to the flock. You will like the RC35,and I found the latest model to be an improvement over the RC3IIs. Would highly recommend either SVS and HSU. Once you get past the Wife Acceptance Factor, SVS cannot be beat for the money. Got to love that bass .......



Harmon Kardon AVR 525

Mains: RF3II

Center: RC35

Surrounds: RS35

Rear: KLF-C7

SVS 20-39PCi

SVS PB2-ISD (on order) 16.gif10.gif


Yamaha RX-V1300

Mains, Center: Onkyo SKS-HT500

Surrounds: Axiom QS-8


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I know EXACTLY what you mean when you mentioned that Klipsch didn't used to do it for you. I used to be a "speaker snob" 16.gif who thought that any speaker with a horn in it sucked!! Why? Because I had decided that they all sounded "honky" to me. (Appologies to all horn owners, everywhere!) 15.gif

I used to believe that each speaker was best-suited for a particular style of music, but there was little chance they could perform well with all types of music.

For example (Pa-Leese do not flame me for my choices here! I am speaking in terms of the hypothetical....plus I was young-and stupid when I believed this):

Advent & Acoustic Reasearch (AR) - I used to think they were best for Jazz and Classical music only

JBL - What can I say? They rocked!! But, I never considered them for anything else.

Cerwin Vega - I'd seen them in a lot of clubs and bars. Lots of bass but pretty muddy on top. Definitely Rock & Disco (we're talking the late-1970's here).

And so-on and so-forth...I'm sure you get the idea. But last year when my wife and I went looking for speakers for our HT, we listened to 10 different brands and we were amazed by only one brand (I'm dead serious here): Klipsch Reference Series.

They sound good no matter WHAT I ask them to play; classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, whatever. And, as for movies, they are the most dynamic speakers we have heard outside of a real movie theater. And, guess what? Most of the movie theaters in my area use Klipsch speakers. Amazing! So, I dunno what happen. Either my hearing has changed, or Klipsch has changed. Certainly, my taste in music hasn't as I love almost everything. But, what really matters is that we have found speakers that do exactly what we ask of them, and they do so every time! Enjoy your new system! Have a blast!

-Picky 2.gif

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On 10/16/2003 11:54:18 AM amonteiro wrote:

congrats on the purchases. I have a similar setup. Got to love the X1 projector.

A lot of people here like the SVS subs but some find them too big.

Are you using the Sony receiver to power the SVS? If so, are you going to upgrade to a seperate amp and EQ eventually? I bet the SVS would become a completly different sub (in a good way) with new electronics.

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I agree it probably would sound better. I probably will eventually but for now it sounds good enough and I'm not sure if my 13'x13.5' room could handle any more bass. Not to mention my neighbours. Initially I thought I would upgrade them as soon as i had enough money but realised that it wasn't a big deal.

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Welcome aboard.

I'm on the internet hours and hours a day, and the Klipsch forum is one of the coolest online communities out there. Post some pics of your room!


Thanks for the welcome all, here are some pics of my room, I still need the center channel and I am still doing a few things to the room.


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