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rf7 in the house


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well its done! the rf7 is the main speaker in my home theater set up and with all the wonderful suggestions i recieved on the post ive decided to use the rf3ii as the sats. along with the rc3 as the back channel.the sub is a velodyne cht12. well all i can say is the rf7 is a wonderful addition and it is as all have said.PLAYS BIG! wonderful fullness and crisp highs,along with bass thats just enveloping. thanks to MOON, and MARKS DAD, your post and suggestions paid off. i love the sound and anyone looking for audiophile sound in this price range cannot be matched.KLIPSCH has done it with the rf7 product! catch you all later,oh dont be afraid to order these on-line had a wonderful experience with uncles stereo, out of new jersey! great job.......anagin thanks ...RIC.

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