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Help - there is a whole in my sound.....


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Accuphase E211 amp

Marantz CD 6000

Heresy 2 speakers

Synergistic silver speaker cable (both A & B into the Heresy's - it wasnt easy).


Although the sound I am getting from the above setup is utterly amazing to me in terms of its quality I have hit a recent problem in that a small part of the bass is missing from certain tracks. This is not the expected, below 50Hz, loss that is a part of the Heresy's more limited range but higher up the range.

I was playing a track that I have heard on many many systems (in quality upto a KHORN setup and down to a standard Ford car Stereo).

At one part there is a lead guitar and a bass guitar playing together. On my setup the bass guitar is missing (well not missing but overly subdued to the point you can barely hear it except at huge system volumes). I would guess that it is playing at around 70-80Hz. Immediately after this part it plays a louder lower section which comes out perfectly. I would give you the details of the track and the CD but it is a Turkish CD and will not mean anything to any of you, I imagine.

Strangely I then went to listen to the same track on another Heresy setup with a different CD player and a different amp (it was the Sharp SACD player with the Sharp 1 bit digital amp). I observed exactly the same effect there to, but even more marked. The following louder lower base was also subdued on that system.

My feeling is that the Heresy 2 has some "flat spots" in the sound it reproduces, which, as a total guess I would put down to the crossover. Anyone else experienced such a thing?

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MaxG, the specificity of your description of your "Turkish Guitar & Bass Hole Test" CD may create an instant audiophile demand across the world! Whatever its ethnic derivation, it sounds a lot closer to Pink Floyd than Pink Noise... and that alone makes it worth adding to my diagnostic tool set.

Seriously, how many CD's or DVD's have you experienced that reveal as much about bass dropouts as this one does? You have my curiosity way up. How about sharing the title and track info... you may start a whole new Turkish Music Appreciation section on this site. It would be interesting to hear reports on how the music sounds on different rigs... and it would likely be a whole lot cheaper than some other diagnostic tools that lay unused. At least I get a culture shot with this one... it's a good thing! Biggrin.gif HornEd


"30 Something 6.1 Herd"

KLF 30 Mains

KLF 30 Mod Center

KLF 30 Mod Surrounds

KLF 30 Rear Effects

SB-2 Front Effects

Subs: KSW-15 + 3 KSW-12's

Speaker Support Systems:

Mitsubishi RPHD1080i 65"

Yamaha RX-V3000 Receiver

and more...


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