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K-hron center speaker match?


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Hello everyone ,

I guess this question is for the Klipsch folks. I have a set of '99 k-horns and was wondering which of

these centers would be a better tonal match:

the KLF-C7, a Heresey II, or the new RC-7?

I have neither and would buy one new, so as

unbiased an opinion as is possible would be great!

I know a Belle or LaScala would be the "best", but

no room for that!

Thanks for the help, the new website and forum is

really cool.........

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I dont know as much as these other guys... But They arnt here yet.

I would personaly say a Heresy.. It just seems to me the bigger Mid range and tweeters would give a better sound.

I have heard a Klipsch Center.. it was large, might have been one of the 2 you are talking about but not sure. If it was, I would go with the Heresy.

Hope that helped alittle.

But these others guys will help you more.


K6-2 450

SB Live Value ( not 5.1)

Klipsch Pro Media v2 400 ( soon to be 4.1 )

2 Fisher STV-873's on front channel

2 Fisher surrounds on rear channel

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The Heresy II would be the closest match,but what is it going to sit on?RPTV I hope.Other wize one of the other 2 would do fine.

I liked my Heresy center,but can't leave things alone.Wasn't content with the tonal balance.Check out my web page to see what I did.You could do the same with a newer Heresy,not cheap,but I found the perfict match.You can order one Heresy or get 2 off of ebay(sorry Klipsch)cwm8.gif


Main HT:'77 Klipschorns w/ALKs,'75 Heresy center,modified with,K-Horn sqauwker & AA network.

KSP-S6 at sides 2 KSP-S6's rear.

Denon AVR-3801

2 Denon POA-2800 200X2

1 driving the Horns

1 driving the bi-wired Heresy center.

2 DIY 12"4ohm subs,Carver A500x 400 watts per ch.feed.

1 12" powered sub(behind the couch)feed from the surrounds pre-outs.

Sony DVP-C650D.Dish Echostar 4700 w/DD


Pioneer CDL-D501 laser

Music in "Direct"only!

DH Labs T-14 speaker wire to the front 3.

Bed room HT:KSB 2.1 mains,SC-1,SS-1's,2 SW 8 II subs.

2 Heresy's for music.

Denon AVR-2800,Dishnetwork,Sony SLV-975HF VCR,Panasonic DVD-RV31.

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Thanks Steve P....I'll be using a projector, and

plan to use a micro-perf screen and place the

center speaker behind the screen......lots of

room to spare. Would there be a problem with

using two (2) Heresey's back there for the "center"


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You have a projector and will be placing the speaker behind the screen -- are you sure you don't have enough room for a large center channel? If not a La Scala or Belle, a Cornwall would also be an excellent choice. If you just don't have the room, then the Heresy would be the next best choice as the others mentioned. It sounds like you're going to have a great system -- Khorns, Projector, it sure would be nice if you can get one of the larger speakers for a center.

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No room for a Belle or LaScalla...or even

a Cornwall. I'll only have about 11" from

the wall to the back of the screen frame,

so even a Heresy would be tough (but not

impossible) to stuff back there (I'll cut

an opening in the sheetrock to allow for a

Heresey's depth).........



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I know you said you don't have room for a Belle, but it would be your best option for a center match for the Khorns.

Here is a link to one ending very soon -


Good Luck


Home Theater System:

Klipsch Quartets - mains for both systems

Klipsch KV3 - center

Klipsch KG.5's - rear surrounds

Klipsch KSW12 subwoofer

Denon AVR-1601

Music System:

Adcom GFA-555 Musical Concepts Modified

NAD 1600 Pre/Tuner

Sony C-67ES CD Player

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