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Thank you Klipsch!


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I dont know if you guys remember me. I had gotten a set of V.2-400's for Christmas and because of some crackling had to return the set to the store in February. Time passed, E-mails were sent to the repair store, no answers, just confusion. About 2 months later I was starting to become very impatient. Imagine 2 months without the sweet sound of the Pro's ... Finally I received my set back, all excited i ripped open the box, (the same box that I had received for Christmas) and then... I saw that the manual was missing, I said who needs it anyway, so then I continued to unpack the system. Hey where did the little rubber sticky things go!!! They were missing on all except one of the speakers. Oh well, I didnt care, then I noticed that the plastic bags that they were in were gone. Huh!!!! Finally after setting them up I removed the dust covers form the speakers to show my friend the speakers and what!!!! The faceplate on the speaker with the pre-amp was upside down. How do I know this because the word Klipsch was upisde down, and no it wasnt the cover that was upside down the actual front of the speaker. That was it I had enough. My dad and I brought them back to the store, and the Manager came to see us. He opened the box and his jaw dropped. He said what the !#$@ when he saw the upside down speaker face. He was very dissapointed as was I. So he told me that he would try to work something out to replace the set for me. He told me that he was a good friend of one of Klipsch's canadian reps. A week later I get a call, an to my amazement when I went to the store, there was a brand new set of Klipsch 4.1s yes 4.1s with my name on it. A note on it saying that Klipsch decided to replace it with the new sate. Hallelujah!!!!! Thank you Klipsch. And as this little story comes to an end, I am now enjoying the wonderful sound from my 4.1s!

Just a little note for the readers. The store where I had brought the speakers were not authorized to repair klipschs so they sent to an Authorized Dealer and they said they would repair it. Well the repaired it and, forgot to put half the stuff back into the box, and screw the cover back upside down... So it was NEVER klipschs fault or the stores, just that repair place. I hope that little misshap was a mistake, and I hope no other customers that get their stuff sent there go through what I went through.

So again thanks you all the Promedia Techs and personnel that helped me, and Klipsch as a customer oriented company that decide to replace and upgrade my set!

And thanks to the forum readers that are taking the time to read this little story right now.

A very happy Klipsch customer

sorry about the typos, but its late and im really tired.

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I just wanted to say that I think you have got the right idea. Other people when they have problems just freak out and give up and complain. I like the way you handled it.

Thats all I wanted to say.


Real life is just another window on my desktop!

-The Shadow

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