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Surprised...still not many reviews on new Klipsch line....


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Yeah, I also read that review. I picked up the mag due to Klipsch being reviewed. I always get a copy of any Klipsch review since it doesn't happen often. I would say that the review was the most flattering Klipsch review since Stereo Review did one on the KLF 20's back a few years ago, maybe even better. It almost appeared to be an advertisement for Klipsch products. I'm sure they will see an increase in sales due to the review.

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the difference between rb-35's and rb-75's becomes very apparent when you turn up the volume. i have the rb-75's in the showroom hooked up to a 200watt x5 amp and pre/pro both from fosgate audionics...when i lean on the volume,the rb-75's love it!

very nice speakers, and REAL wood veneer.


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