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Cornwall tweeter location

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Does anyone else think it strange that the tweeters / squakers are mounted on the inside wall on the Cornwall 1's? It seems to me that firing the tweeter through the 3/4 inch cutout would restrict horizontal deflection of the sound. Wouldn't it be an improvement to mount the tweeter with the flange on the outside? Has anyone ever done this and would were the results? Thanks.

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The newer Klipschorns have flush mounted K77s.The Cornwall II has the tweeter flush mounted.I have flush mounted the K77s in old Cornwalls.There are many different ways to do it and all involve substantial woodworking.The easiest way to do it is to order the "Z" brackets used on the Klipschorn, cut the right sized hole, and fill the gap around the back edge of the tweeter with Moretite rope caulk.

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Can't the diaphragm portion of the driver be removed from the horn? I just replaced one on a K77, but didn't pay close attention. It looks like I could take off the horn and mount it from the outside. Then mount the driver to the horn from the inside.

This looks good on paper (or in the ether,) but I haven't tried it. I don't want to take apart my horn and risk another $78 part. Where does my mind's eye fail?

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I wouldn't recommend removing the horn lenses on your K77's. You might separate and destroy the voice coils. I replaced the diaphragms in my brother's blown alnico K77's and when I CAREFULLY separated the lens and magnets, both voice coils separated (it didn't matter in this case since I was replacing the diaphragms anyway. FYI, the new diaphragms work beautifully).

One other thing. I've thought about front mounting my tweeters too. But I am a little concerned/curious about the time delay caused by not having the drivers in the same plane. Some manufacturers tilt their speakers back to compensate when using said mounting configuration.

Really, the rear mounted tweeters in my Cornwalls seem to have good dispersion - so I have no major complaints (if it ain't broke, don't fix it!?)


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Klipschguy and John A,

You are a little late on your advice. I had a sick sound from one of my K77 tweeters, so I thought I'd see if it needed the oiling I had read about. Of course, I broke the wires from the terminals to the coil. I ordered the replacement from Klipsch and it had instuctions for proper disassembly, again, a little late. I should have known I had to hit it with a hammer, I guess...

But that's what made me think about reassembling through the hole. Grille, djk? What's that? Wink.gif

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