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Preamp for new La Scalas


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I just put in an order for some brand new La Scalas and I also ordered 2 Monarchy Audio SM 70 pros to go with them. I've seen some people in the forum use these amps so can you suggest a preamp to go with them. I have a Luxman stereo reciever, R-341, that I have used as a preamp with a single SM 70 and KLF 20s and love the sound!!

I'm considering the Monarchy Audio M22c DAC with the extra chip and also buying their DIP upsampler. Has any one gone with a simiar set up to run their Bells, La SCalas, or Khorns? I've thought about buying a used Luxman preamp but I don't like buying used products. Simply because I just don't know how they were treated. The outside can look great but after 20-25 years things on the inside may be on their last leg. However you can find great deals with used products and do some TLC and spend a lot less than new products.

Also I need a good system selector so I can switch the La Scalas between the home theater and stereo system. I don't know anything about what makes a good one good and what makes a average one average. Well thanks for any suggestions.

I just read Dean G list of things I should include when asking for advice.

1) I currently have a home theater system with KLF 20s as the mains. What I want to do is use the La Scalas as the mains and get a system selector so I can switch the La Scalas over to a stereo system. I just bought 2 SM 70 Pros to go with the LS and need a preamp. Would using a DAC and upsampler going into a preamp really help the sound of CDs sound more like analog?

2) The room is 15x16 feet.

3) I'll be around 12 feet from the speakers while sitting on couch.

4)I listen to rock, jazz, with small amounts of other styles.

5)Low to medium is how loud with an high every once in a while.

6) The LS will be part of both home theater and stereo systems so I will need a good system selector.

7)Well after buying the LS and 2 SM 70 pros no more than $1000 and that is waiting 3-6 months before buying the preamp.

Hope this helps with any ideas you could give me. Thanks

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Uh, Klipschorns are actually almost a few thousand more.

Kevin, I'd love to give that preamp a whirl myself someday. I probably would have by now, but I've only seen ONE on Audiogon in the last six months. I consider that a heck of an endorsement. I curious, have you ever owned anything like a Cary or something similiar in the past? If so, I'm interested in how they compare.

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I actually own a little AE-3 that I built from a kit. I have it paired with the AE Super Amp (push Pull) in my upstairs system. I also have had several friends bring over some Cary Tubed pre-amps in the last few years, the model numbers I can't exactly remember. The T7 - Which actually was a previous model then, had much more dynamics and transparency. The current T7 is even better!

It does not have a remote though.

Randy Bey also owned a Cary and now owns the T7. he may want to comment as well.

The best thing is that you can buy it and return (within 30 days) for a full refund, it if you like. AVA gets very few returns each year.

I just received my T7 back after getting the 'R' upgrade which was an upgraded power supply. I was listening to an older SS version of the AVA Omega Pre-amp for 2 weeks during the upgrade. I was very glad to get the tube pre-amp back into my system.

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Well I just bought a Luxman C300 preamp on ebay. This is the same preamp my friend had running his La Scalas with a Hafler 100 watt amp and I never have heard La Scalas sound better. Should have it in a week or two. The frustrating part is now I have to wait 6 weeks for my LS to be built.

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