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Cool! Except for the giant suckout between 400 and 800 Hz because the basshorn can't reach 800 Hz and the mismatch between the basshorn and the Altec driver. cwm1.gif

I would like a 2-wat La Scala, though.


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Did you see what I did to my Belles? Take a look at the "winter and spring project" here in Odds and Mods section. I am putting an Altec 511B with JBL 2421 drivers on mine. Right now I am running it 3 way with the K77 tweeter until I can get a crossover built for 700 Hz. My measurements show the Belle woofer extends nicely up to 700 Hz. The Altec 511B will go down to 500. The JBL driver starts to loose power handeling capability below 800, so I am compromising at 700. With the tweeter vertical it sound super.


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Input from a 'nosy newbie, submitted for consideration:

Q-Man: I agree with one of your next purchases.....the DVD-Audio. No system should be without one. However, I'm thinking for that Klipsch monument, you need a front projector! That way your audio doesn't totally overshadow your video. I'm running an In-Focus LP350 DLP projector between my K-Horns and over the top of my Belle center. 10ft diag, crystal clear, which I replaced my 50in ProScan with. Cost was less than 3K, it's HD/digital compatible/ready, has built in line doubler and elicits as many ooh's and aah's as the audio only used to! P.S. - The ProScan has now been demoted to the kid's room for Nintendo duties.

Al K: I agree with your Altec 511B mod. My KHorns are (really) old and in fact came with the fibreglass sectoral horn (before Klipsch went with the current straight horn) with the University SAHF mid-drivers. 10 years ago I replaced the Klipsch sectorals with the 511B's (and about 50 lbs of dampning putty apiece to prevent inherant 511b 'ringing'). I have not looked back since. The result is a much more spacious and 'glorious' sound. I'm now toying with the idea of replacing the center Belle's straight horn with a 511B to better match the KHorns sonically. I'll be interested to see how you deal with the issue of the Belle's upper cavity being 8.75 tall whilst the 511B is 10 inches tall. If you cut the 511B's top and bottom flanges off, I believe you are still about half an inch too tall. Are you/did you 'raise the roof of your Belle's to accomodate the 511B?

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Several of the pictures should help explain how I got the 511B in the top of

the Belle. I might point out that I did not modify any parts of the Belle

whatsoever. I can restore them to factory-perfect Belles in about an hour.

The secret is the raisers on each side made of poplar cabinet wood. I

screwed 3/4 inch hardwood square dowels around 3 sides of each raiser and

simply screwed them right under the high frequency compartment top. They are

made exactly like the ones already there (the sides). The top two holes in

the front were used to attach cross boards to hold the top of the 511 horn

flange. I used the screws that came out of the same holes. Another cross

board supports the bottom of the horn. It is fastened to the new raisers

using the other screw. The bottom hole in the front holds the grill cloth

frame using a screw from the back.

The the other picture shows the grill cloth frame in place before I painted

it black. The K77 tweeter is mounted inside the frame for use temporarily

until I can get a two-way crossover designed. It is mounted vertically.

You can view the pictures at:


Al K

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Thanks Al.....food for thought. I would like to find a way to incorporate the 511B without having to change the height dimension as my fixed projector screen just clears the top of the Belle and goes to the ceiling. Could cut off the 511 flanges and just leave it 'open air', but then I have the wife thing to contend with. Hmmm.....what to do....what to do.....

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I've always thought the Belle's Basshorn was different from the La Scala's to get the upper frequency response higher. You seem to have confirmed it. I've seen your pictures of the modified Belle. It looks like you are on the road to a great mod. 511Bs have a good reputation for a reason. I wish I could hear them.


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Hey 511b horn lovers - I have one left over from way back. Back in the mid 80's, I had a pair of home made Khorns with 511b's and they sounded great. Sold them in 1987 and now I have a pair of the real ones - but I've got one 511b left over and I need to sell it. Somebody give me a fair price for it and I'll send it your way. What would it cost to ship? Thanks, Paul

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