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How do I get to my LaScalla Woofer?

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Good People,

Can anyone tell me how to get to my LaScalla woofers if (God Forbid!!) I ever had to replace them? As I was tinkering around with some amps that I'm building, I started worrying about the chance of blowing one out. I see no openings into the cabinet (other than the front). In fact I can't even reach into there far enough to reach the driver. All the joinery on the cabinet looks pretty perminent. Does the bottommost slab of plywood under the cabinet come off by chance? Thanks for the help.

P.S. Anyone have any reccomendations for other drivers that improve the bass performance?



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The K-33-E is the best woofer for the La Scala basshorn. The K-43 pro woofer is said to have higher output and will therefore sound warmer. Nothing can be done to make the bass go deeper, the basshorn size controls that. You'll need a killer sub, or two (I use 2), to match output and distortion of the La Scala basshorn.

Check your woofers to see if they are K-33-Es and if not, upgrade.


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