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Mounting brackets


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I recently got a set of v2-400 from my local CompUSA for $149 and I have to say these things are darn impressive. However, I think it's too loud to have it right on my computer desk. I want to mount these on the wall so are there wall mounting brackets available that can be purchase? I don't really want to bend the original brackets just yet.



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What is the part number for the wall mounting brackets? I am having trouble searching for the parts.

As for paying only $150 for the v2.400. I was going to buy the 4.1 but one of the sale associate told me that there was a brand new v2 for $150 (guess they want to clear their inventory). I just couldn't pass up the deal.

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ok now i am really really pissed. i bought my v2.400s in december for $250 and a cp-1 for $60. i am pissed off that:

1) 4.1s with better midrange came out just a few weeks after i bought mine

2) 5.1s just came out now which i would really like

3) you just got the speakers i bought for $100 less

maybe i can sell mine on ebay and buy 5.1s Frown.gifFrown.gif

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