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The difference between Liberals, Conservatives, and Southerners...


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So, they do the best they can with the experience they have. The make some good hits and have some really bad misses too.

I really dont see the bad misses in the original 10.

they were just guys

Are you willing to fight and die for the opportunity to post your thoughts and opinions on this forum?

If you are then you would be one of the guys!

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You know reading this thread will make ones head spin .... first I think Dean is right ......... then I think Mark is ........ then I think Tom ......... ect. ect. ect. all good points.

I do not own one single gun well enless you call a old daisy BB gun a gun. But if tomorrow they would outlaw the right for law abiding citizen to own guns would be the day I would move to another country !

As far as I'm concerned this country gets less free everyday from the left, middle or the right in one way or the other!

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I think GW and the rest of the gang are way off the mark. As I posted earlier, I was a Republican, but GW and the GOP have gotten me pretty disgusted. There are two parties in the U.S., the stupid party and the evil party. Sometimes they are both at the same time.

It is embarrassing (or should be) to see non-Christians put us (Christians) to shame as they are more compassionate and forgiving. Who truly are color blind and would help anyone. When we go to church, all dressed up and drive right by the homeless (put in your favorite here). It is a life of grace that comes from the inside out, and until it happens to more, things won't change.

My family is trying to go against that, but selfishness tends to always get in the way. Still, we try. What we can't do locally, we try to help with finacially. One of the ways is through a food program that operates around the world. They operate with less than 8% overhead. It can't get much lower than that. The steps can be small for one to begin participating. How about you skip one meal a week and donate that money to a good charity. If you have more clothes than you need, give the extras away. Not just the worn out ones, but good ones as well. How cush a life DO you lead?

You can always just start with kind words for others. Don't respond in kind.

I could go on. I fail often, I will certainly admit that.

TIme for bed.

Goodnight Mark,


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Holy thread. Dean, this was the silver spoon of all lures, comic intentions or not. I will say that it has remained pretty civil. I am just really shocked at how many are either carrying a weapon or have one close by. I have traveled quite a few places with nothing more threatening than my toothbrush (or perhaps my breath). Maybe all the garlic was the key.

I have never owned a gun. I dont feel unarmed however.

Come to think of it, I am not a fan of hunting either, though hunting for the best price for Holly Farms chicken thighs came into play two nights ago.


ps- I guess I need to get a lock for my door.

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"I went up there, I said, 'Shrink, I wanna kill. I wanna kill! I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth! Eat dead, burnt bodies! I mean: Kill. Kill!'

And I started jumpin' up and down, yellin' 'KILL! KILL!' and he started jumpin' up and down with me, and we was both jumpin' up and down, yellin', 'KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL!' and the sergeant came over, pinned a medal on me, sent me down the hall, said 'You're our boy'. Didn't feel too good about it."

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The United States is not a Democracy. It is by design a representitive republic. The framers feared a "tyrany of the majority". Also we are a union of fifty sovern states which select direct represenitives and appointed senators( until an amendment changed that to direct election) and electors to carry our states votes for president. A state may, if it chooses apportion the electors by popular vote. I would support an amendment that allowed direct election of the president if it also included the direct election of federal judges with finite terms. Only in that way will the people have full control of our government.


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Ok, here is the deal ---

A one legged, cross-eyed, 3 foot tall gnome is coming at you in a dark alley. In his raised right hand is a very threatening looking rubber duck. As he swings through with the duck you:

Mark - begin to discuss his feelings and introduce him to Zen techniques. He leaves in a different frame of mind intending to try out for pro basketball.

DeanG - immediately runs for cover behind a large Southern white man (dare I say named 'Bubba') and his family and whispers 'That ugly short fella said ya'll voted for Jesse Jackson in the last elekshun'.

Andy - starts yelling "Adolph, you b*****D, I'll never let you happen!" and blows his head off with a 50 caliber handgun.

Marvel - being ever ready pulls out his concealed duck (which he is well trained in using). He makes one warning swing over his head and the gnome turns and runs away in fear.

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I still use "Mother stabbers and Father rapers" in casual conversation with people. It never dawned on me they might have no idea what I'm talking about, LOL.

Yeah, see how nice we can be with the banning threat hanging over our heads. 9.gif

Zieg Heil!!

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OMG! This surpasses Vinyl vs Digital, PP vs SET, Tube vs SS or any other of the hottest topics of the year!

6. I would use a gun (with intent to kill) in self defense or the defense of those I care about. Knowing that, I consider both the burden of making that choice and the possibility for a mistake too emotionally costly to allow me to carry a weapon for self defense.

Henry, this must be the most realistic and honest statement in the thread. My Hitler hypothetical, lame as it was, was an attempt to find out if people thought about this very element. Thank God that crime is not as frequent as the nightly news makes it appear to be. Max, we are not all cowboys, though I can see how my flippant remarks could make that impression. Henry, stating that you have weighed the "burden of that choice" says exactly what it is. You have looked at the issue and made a choice. I can respect that. There are many other people who might also weigh this burden and choose to indeed carry a weapon. Each of us needs to know his/her limitations, weaknesses, strengths, and make that decision as correctly as possible. I suppose that on some level, my own actions are in agreement with you. I don't carry a weapon, I don't go to the range (though I have a good freind who would love to have me go with him) and I am only minimally drawn to shooting. We do have a gun in the house, my wife was in the police reserve. Practically, I should at least go a few times to a range and get familiar with handling it. Yet I hope I NEVER have to. If I do have to, I pray that I can do what it takes to protect my family.

To Sum up my thoughts, I would rather see 100 good moral people carrying guns rather than 1 person of questionable morals (and sanity).

It is more difficult to gather the facts on this issue in our country because the media and press are overwhelmingly anti-gun, so stories where guns are misused are front page news. Any time that a gun is used to stop a crime, it either does not get coverage or the gun details are left out. Hmmmm, kinda like the Dems can do no wrong, while Republicans get the scrutiny and hardball questions thrown at them.

The 'reasons' people have for using guns - 'It's fun!' 'It's a sport." "I am not a sap and I want to protect my family from murderers" - are all intellectually understandable. But from a spirit viewpoint guns were not invented as "toys" or "entertainment," but rather to kill other living things. It is not like a hammer or chisel for splitting rocks. It is not just another "tool." It is a more efficient means of killing other life. And that's what it is.

So, if one suddenly is enlightened to see their connection to all other life, the rationalization for owning the destruction of life would simply disappear. Not by force of politics, but by improved spirit! That's what I would refer to as "growing up."

Mark, sorry my friend, but take this "growing up" one step further. Growing up also means you need to see that some around you may never grow up, and if you choose to ignore them, your growth may be terminated by those not grown up to your level. Some tings will remain out of our control, but we need to be resposible (=grown up) enough to protect ourselves and those we love from the unpredictable.

When Junior invokes his "Policy of Preemption" and invades Iraq (presumably for excessive use of preemption) we suddenly are the "international norm" in our fight against evildoers.

The 'doublespeak' aside, the reason this gag "works" for America is that we simply damn well love killing people. We love it, we crave it, we will do damn near anything to get some of it every few years. We will even place ourselves in the middle of the danger to provoke it.

Doesn't matter which people, which reason, which country, which excuse, which weapon, which 'extremely grave danger." If we get to kill some folk, we are happy, secure, righteous, brave, heroic, patriotic, saved, doing God's work, headed for heaven and all the rest. You can't be immersed in violence your entire life and not develop a certain taste for blood.

As one who agrees that sometimes war is a necessary evil, I also believe that no one hates war more than those who fight them. In each of your statements, you condemn humanity as being "not grown up" spiritually. I for one, would LOVE to live in a world free from any weapons...but it would mean totally free from weapons. So you and I probably agree on this point. Where the agreement ends is I (and others) have had to accept the fact that world does not exist, and may never exist. To me, it's just one of many of life's sad realities. But to characterize humanity as you did above is simply not accurate. We are not perfect creatures, but we are not perfectly evil as you describe above. There are too many good people for me to write this country off. Don't forget, it was our collective guns firing that stopped the evils of Hitler. Our collective guns aimed at the Evil Empire was the rope needed for that evil to hang itself. Take away the guns and you would still end up with the evil. Enigmatic, isn't it?

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B) As for the kids in the park, sticks and bullys and such. Gee, maybe go to another park? Maybe do something else. I never said it was "easy" to be conscious, just that it was necessary unless you want to live in denial. I repeat, "war doesn't bring peace." See, that was my point about victims and circumstance. If you insist on placing yourself in the circumstance where you become a victim, you are participating in the crime.

Where will this lead? There are only so many parks. Doing something else? Both these options will only empower the bully...he gets his way again. Another bully will see this and do same. This leads to more bullies and victims, possibly less sticks. Bullies are a funny breed. If they see that the society at large will not tolerate them, they will look for a safer society, such as the one where the choice would be to choose another park or activity, or they will comply.

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