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RSW 12 BASS???????????????????????????????

Kyler Cavers

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Ok, Im weeks away from having enough to get the RSW-12, I've had my towers for awhile and love em but seriously, the walls need to shake, the pictures need to fall, the neighbors need to complain! WILL THIS SUB SHAKE???? My room is about 10x30 my home theater is at the one end of this room, I've heard mixed feelings on this sub and that it has trouble below 30hz, can anyone who knows for sure about this sub give me some tips, facts or advice before i buy this!

Harman Kardon AVR 125

Samsung 27"

Klipsch RF-3ll's

Energy e:XL 25's (surrounds)

Pioneer DV-363-K

(the rest is on the way and is taking awhile seeing as how im 16 and bag groceries for a part time job 8.gif )

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" the walls need to shake, the pictures need to fall, the neighbors need to complain! "

The neighbors will complain,the walls will sake but the pictures will not fall.The pictures falling part is pure BS propagated by hyped induced *** clowns third class reviewers.

Even if you buy a SVS B4-Plus and power it with a Crown Reference amp the pictures will not fall,unless you live in a paper walled shack down by the river and the pics hang from roaches used as nails.

The RSW12 is VERY capable down to 31.5 and still has some good output at 25Hz.

If you want the most shake for your dollar I recomend the SVS cylinder series,a P2B-ISD at $899 has the largest shake factor of em'all under a grand.And its potent down to 20Hz.Below like all subs,even capable ones it starts to fall.

I have over a dozen capable subs and no pictures have fallen yet.Only in foodstamp collecting net reviewers homes.

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For the 1 day my DD-15 worked, during the frequency sweep to calibrate the sub, the room would shake very, very well at 25zh.

Once when watching a movie with my old Velodyne HGS 12 I had some glasses set on the kitchen counter rattle off and brake on the floor. Yep, I was proud! You should be able to get that with some good 20-25 hz bass!

Remember to negotiate with your dealer, they have a 100% mark up on price so you might be able to get an RSW 15 for a few bucks more. Then you'll be "Done With IT" for the bass Department!

Don't forget to look at the new HSU VTF-3. You can get some VERY serious Bass from that at 20 HZ (97 - 99 db or something)???

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Yes. Shake factor is very good. Plenty for my needs. Never lost a picture but rattle the walls all the time. The sofa vibrates from halfway across the room and it's also very musical without being boomy. Don't pay more than $1k. You can probably do even better than that these days. If you can get an RSW15 for close to that, I'd do it. Never heard one but if it's mine plus 3 inches worth of additional gusto, it must be great. Plus you can get real wood!

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