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Velodyne DD-15 fried in an hour!


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I got my DD 15 Thursday night after work. I was told the set up was going to be very difficult. I thought it was actually very easy. The Velodyne has every adjustment you could imagine, then some. One of the nice features of the new sub is a Contour Bass setting. If you want some extra Bass at say 25 HZ in Movie Mode (or any other 6 modes) you can set the boost to +or- 6 db at 25hz or 60hz or 15hz ect...

The Velodyne DD-15 is the first sub out of 5 previous subs owned by me that not only had enough power but could put out way more bass then a B52 Bomber could Bombs. Yet it was so easy to blend it with my mains almost immediately.

Most of my subs were set to about 70 - 80% Max Volume were the DD-15 could produce much more bass at 30% volume in my home. My other subs were Klipsch LF 10's, Velodyne HGS 12, JBL D112 (D.O.A.), and finally a Paradigm PW 2200. The DD 15 easily best's those subs in every catagory except it Broke!

Only half way through a war movie and one nasty sound later I've got almost no real output and the driver seems to move 4 inches or more and making some nasty noises. Apon moving the sub out to check the connections, I found that my Power Cord and My Sub Woffer cable had nearly vibrated out of the sub. I'm thinking that the sudden loss then gain in Signal destroyed my sub last night.

I will be contacting my local Dealer for a replacement as I did buy a Bumper to Bumper Warranty with it.

I guess my post comes down to this:

1. Every adjustment there is with Truely massive Bass output!

2. Even with Velodyne's "Protection" Circuity, you better be careful with it and make sure to get the extra Warranty!

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