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How's the weather out there?


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alien the movie small.jpg

Kane: We cant go anywhere in this.

Dallas: Mmm Hmmmm

Ash: Well, mother says the suns coming up in twenty minutes.

Dallas: How far are we from the source of transmission.

Ash: Northeast, just under two thousand meters down the driveway.

Kane: Walking distance?

Dallas: He he he he. In Northeast Pennsylvania? Can you give me an atmospheric?

Ash: YesOh! Its almost primordial. Theres inert nitrogen, high concentration of carbon dioxide crystals, methane. Im working on the trace elements.

Dallas: Anything else?

Ash: Yes. Theres rock.lava based. DEEP COLD. Well below the line.

Dallas: Mmm Hmmmm.

Kane: Ill volunteer to be in the first group to go out.

Dallas: Yeahthat figures. You too Lambert.

Lambert: Swell.

Dallas: Better break out the weapons. Snow blowers, rock salt, electric socks.

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Must be nice, current temp -15, high for today -5, will chills -25 to -40. Good day for staying inside with a hot chocolate, and take in a movie or two. Too bad I have to work, car started a little rough this morning. My Frrrrrzzzzninvt handle certainly applies today!

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It's beautiful here in Rhode Island.Bright sunshine, cloudless blue sky, highs in the 7s lows in the -0s. Took the dogs for a walk this morning, it was 2, refreshing and quite invigorating. Winter Ya gotta love it! Sure beats 90 with high humidity!


In answer to your question: yes.

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