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Forte with pushed in Passive Radiator


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I've just discovered 1 of my passive radiators on back of my Forte's is pushed in a bit.

Right in the middle of the speaker.

Whats the best to to fix this? is it degrading the sound.

I see no cracks or holes, just a dent.

If I remove the speaker, can I just push it out, or is there a driver of some sort in back of the passive radiator?

What about using a vacume to try to pull it out?

Maybe letting some bubble gum dry up in the dent, than try to pull out?

Sounds funny but will it work?

I don't what to damage it any worse.


With my 2 new RS35 and my Fortes my new family room really rocks. 2ch only at this time.

Cant wait to upgrade the rest.

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If you're talking about the small, circular thingie in the center of the passive radiator that's a couple inches in diameter, that's just a dust cap. They frequently get pushed in by inquisitive fingers. Has absoluttilly no impact on sound. If it bugs you, you can take a small pin, bend the tip over 90 degrees, and use it to pull out the cap. I'd ignore it.

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Yes, you can attempt to pull it out with a vacuum (being careful of the suction to not pull it completely off the speaker) or some very sticky tape.

Ray's suggestion also works - I had to resort to that myself. To "reseal" it, I just put a drop of Elmer's glue over the pin hole and then colored it black with an indelible marker after it dried.


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The least risky thing to do is nothing.

You can test for an air leak by gently pushing in on the woofer and see if the passive moves out.

I've never had a dented voice coil cover. So, I can't comment on what is the best way to pull out the dent. I get a little queezy about using a pin because it does damage, even if slightly, the material.

Congrats on the Forte. It is a great unit.


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On 1/16/2004 12:11:45 PM dougdrake wrote:

Yes, you can attempt to pull it out with a vacuum.


yup... i have carefully done this with success (on someone else's speaker 2.gif) . Although it sucked it out to its normal shape, it didn't remove some very light but visible crease marks on the dust cap.

Good luck...


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