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So you like McIntosh, eh?

Tom Adams

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Some other shots of this guys' rig.




Not sure what those tall thin speakers are in the last photo. But I'm pretty sure that above those big oil lamps on the wall are some Bose cubes. Which would explain all that Mac equipment. I mean, you know how those Mac owners are when it comes to having tin ears. 11.gif

(ducking and running for cover) 9.gif


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I've got horns and a 300watt McIntosh that never gets past 3 watts on the meters and thats WAY too loud... Not promoting wattage, just CLARITY. I've never owned a piece of gear that I consider a reference before but now I am absolutely convinced.

But I have never been happier with an amp or have any desire to get anything else (I had tubes, but they are boxed in the closet). They don't do anything the Mc don't do.

The Mc can definately do horns right at any volume.

Bad mouthing McInstosh!! SHEESH!!


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