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Bose Speakers Uncovered


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Seriously, thats not far from the truth. If anyone here doesnt believe that, go to your local Best Buy, Circuit City, or Good Guys, pull the grills off of a 201 or 301 and you might be surprised what you find The more expensive Bose floor standers (the 701/801 I believe) use 1 CONE tweeters. Those cost about as much as a fun size Snickers bar. The only good thing Bose makes is their aviation products (headsets for in flight communications, but there horribly expensive)

May Klipsch live long and prosper.

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For only $300 you can have the RF-3s. I think those Bose are really ugly!!!


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My sister recently got a GMC Denali. Yesterday she ask me to drive it to see how I liked it---AND she said "It has a BOSE (Blose) SOUND SYSTEM in it that really sounds good". Well, boomy, muddy, etc.--couldn't believe it (I had never heard a Blose system)--Of course, I am used to listening to my Cornwalls. I just told my sister is sounded fine---but, geeese---what is the big deal about Bose?



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Originally posted by alex336:

My sister recently got a GMC Denali. Yesterday she ask me to drive it to see how I liked it---AND she said "It has a BOSE (Blose) SOUND SYSTEM in it that really sounds good". Well, boomy, muddy, etc.--couldn't believe it (I had never heard a Blose system)--Of course, I am used to listening to my Cornwalls. I just told my sister is sounded fine---but, geeese---what is the big deal about Bose?

Same thing happened recently with a friend. He bought a new car, and said he was thinking about me when he cranked up his "200 watt Bose" system driving home from the dealer because he knows I'm "into sound." I hoped no one nearby heard him, and mistook me for a Bose fan!?!? (Oh, the shame of it all...) I could only say "I'm glad you like it. Too bad Klipsch doesn't make car speakers."


BTW - I pulled the grills off some Bose 501s at Best Buy today, just to take a peek at the speakers. They do, indeed, look very similar to the picture in the first post. Plus, the dust caps were smooshed in which only added to their appeal. Also, I was very impressed with the spring-clip connectors!

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It's really unbelievable how Bose has brain washed people in thinking that they are the best speakers on the market. I can't even remember how many people I have talked out of buying Bose where I work, everyone says that they like the sound of them and how great they sound and, yada yada yada........

Then I have to tell them all the reasons why not to buy Bose and then they start to see the light.


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About a year or so ago I suggested an AM-15 system to a co-worker that has VERY limited space to put it in. (The average state prisoner has more room.) He gets a receiver DVD combo unit and has the set-up professionally installed. After hearing it I didn't have the heart to tell him it sucked. Oh well, he's happy, and he makes ten times what I do so as long as he keeps buying us lunch at the office once in a while.....

Then I was reborn...and blessed with the sacrement of being Klipsched.

About 4 months ago another co-worker wanted more of an architectural set up in multiple rooms. "Fine". I said. "How much did you want to spend?" She replies, "Oh.. about the same as Luke (First co-worker)." My reply "How would you like to blow Luke's out of the water?!! She smiles from ear to blond covered ear. "Let's start at about $5,000." After she picked her jaw up off the floor. She grins and thinks about it for a while and walks away. See, she wanted this to be in at least four zones. For $1,500 bucks! Yea, right!! And that's where that has stayed since then although I do needle her about every so often. I think she got the second notion from another co-worker that has an AM-xx system in her house and is thinking she (third co-worker) is keeping up with the Jones' by also having a Wave Radio. Now the second co-worker is looking at a 3rd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and paying cash for it! I gotta get this woman over to my place for a good listening session. And all of these people make multitudes more than the I do.

One day in conversation I had some snapshots of a recent vacation I took. To use up the roll of film I took some insurance photos of my near completed stereo. The third co-worker finds those pictures and finally asks "How much was it?" I tell her, "When it's finished it'll top out about $11,000". Another jaw hit the floor. And I was just waitin' to some day put #3 in her place after she parades arounds the office with her nose in the air on a regular basis. A real Southern Belle type.

The people I work with have the oddest priorities....



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Enough boxes for a fire hazard!

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lol thats some funny stuff.

I'm still cracking up about it.. 2nd to BOSE!! HAHAHAHA, no matter what your refuring to, its funny (and sad)... Klipsch second to BOSE!!HAHAHHAHAA

** you all may not get that


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I read the following in a review thread of the Acoustimass 15 at audioreview.com, thought I'd share it here. Enjoy!

Famous Bose Sayings:

1. Bose Blows!

2. Friends don't let friends buy Bose.

3. No highs, no lows? Must be Bose.

4. Just follow your nose...crap smells like Bose.

5. I got hosed by Bose.

6. Those Bose have gots to goes!

Bose - A brief history


1964-Founding Of Bose

In the 1950s, Rev. Dr. Amar Buffet Bose IX observed loudspeakers didnt deliver natural sound. Extensive research into the science of sound, lasting all of 20 minutes, led to the formation of Bose Corporation.

1968-Birth Of A Legend

The legendary 901® Direct/Reflecting® speaker is introduced, coming down from the sky playing "Carmina Burana." It reflects 89% of the sound off walls similar to a live concert taped by a bootlegger with his Fisher Price tape deck for natural, lifelike sound.

1969-Double Blind Test

Bose pioneers the double blind test, wherein Bose speakers are placed in a room and our competitors' speakers are placed in a high school gym. The first man to hear our speakers leaves the room saying: "No highs, no lows -- it must be a Bose."

1972-Pro Loudspeakers

Bose enters the professional ranks by producing a loudspeaker system designed exclusively for the demanding, discriminating tastes of the professional musician.

Unfortunately, these people didn't buy our products.

1972-Syncom® Testing Computer

Bose establishes the proprietary Syncom computer to acoustically measure speakers against a laboratory model to guarantee a level of consistency and reliability. The next day the computer crashes and is never repaired.

1973-Promotional Offer

Bose invents potato salad. This comes free with any purchase over $5,000.

1975-Worlds Best-Seller

The 301® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system is launched into space following the Apollo 17 mission. Renowned Bose technologies, versatile design and affordability make it one of the worlds best-selling speakers. Too bad it doesn't sound very good.

1982-Moving Sound

Bose introduces a custom-designed, factory-installed system specifically for automobiles. Some of the worlds most luxurious cars today, including Hyundai and Yugo, feature Bose sound systems.

1983-Immobile Sound

Hyundai and Yugo drop our speakers from their available options, as a result of their quality control standards.

1984-Acoustic Waveguide

Bose designs acoustic waveguide technology and brings component system sound to a compact system with a side order of fries. Experience full sound with rich bass from an extremely small enclosure which sounds just as bad as you've come to expect from Bose.


Bose dupes 101,031 people into buying our speakers as a result of an aggressive advertising campaign.

1986-Acoustimass® Speaker Technology

Acoustimass speaker technology is born at 3:05 p.m. weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. Room filling sound is available without a room full of equipment. Virtually Invisible® speaker design includes cube speaker arrays and compact module. By cutting out the insides of the cube speakers, they can be used to make high quality ice cubes at no additional charge.

1987-Inventor Of The Year

Acoustic waveguide technology creates a stir in the scientific community, earning Dr. Bose and Dr. William Short Inventor of the Year honors. Those who determined the "Inventor of the Year" picked up their checks in the mail shortly thereafter.

1989-Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headsets

Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling headsets are created to bring clear communication and protection into the cockpit for pilots and on the ground for air and ground crew.

They work incredibly well at cancelling all sound in the headsets. Plane crashes have increased every year since.

1990-Lifestyle® Systems

Bose develops Lifestyle® systems. Our proprietary system design approach and Virtually Invisible® speaker design create an unmatched level of performance and design, unless you include any speaker that is made by our competitors.

1993-Wave® Radio

The Wave radio, the worlds finest sounding radio (in our unbiased opinion), is introduced. Acoustic waveguide technology delivers rich, deep sound not previously heard from an enclosure this ridiculously overpriced.

1994-Auditioner® Audio Demonstrator

Auditioner audio demonstrator is created by our renowned engineer Mortimer M. McMarmocet. You hear the exact acoustic performance of a buildings proposed sound system before the building is constructed for the amazingly low price of $1 million dollars plus a $200,000 surcharge for installation. Potato salad not included.

1995-Jewel Cube® Speaker

Bose designs the Jewel Cube speaker to bring high performance sound down to size easily hidden behind your hand, which a lot of our customers requested, since many routinely play hide & seek with their speakers.


RF-3 Mains (currently on order)

RC-3 Center

RS-3 Surround

Sony SAWM40 Subwoofer

Technics SA-DX1050 receiver

Panasonic DVD-RV31K DVD player

JVC 32" TV

Not too bad, I must say...

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Wow...That's pretty doggone SCARY!

This guy should be turned in to the S.P.A.C.

(Society for the Prevention of Acoustic Cruelty)

I mean...I'm not an attorney...but that Klipsch center channel ought to be able to sue it's owner for being subject to that kind of abuse!


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I saw that one to.

I laughed when I saw it.........

Great little time line BTW


Living Room:

Yamaha Natural Sound A-500 Stereo Amplifier

2 Klipsch Heresys on A switch

2 Fisher STV-873 on B switch

My Room:

Klipsch Pro Medias

2 Fisher Surrounds

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