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good La Scala mod

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very interesting klew' it would seem that the reason all the peaks disappeared during your partial loosening of the clamp was because the clamp then acted to dampen the resonance rather than stiffened the cabinet as it did when fully tightened (which apparently moved the resonant frequency up...makes sense)...this leads me to believe that the idea of some surface mounted dampening may be quite effective...the dynamat and metal, or something like that...

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What was the interface between the clamp and the speaker? Maybe you can try using a piece of rubber (or something like that), that would dampen any of the vibrations going from the speaker back up to the clamp and prevent the clamp itself from vibrating. Just a thought I had...

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So Klipsch Inc, starts this board for the "convenience" of its customers. Yeah right! R&D for free says I. Evil corporate types. Picking your brains for all the engineering leg work. Bob G just plays us like a stratavarios and enters all the data into a room size main frame. All the while dropping you guys just enough info to spur you on.

I bet he laughs a lot like Dr. Evil. Probably has a 1/8 scale replica of himself too. And a hairless cat...

Evil, evil, evil


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John P,

Gee that was some very nice investigatory work. Thanks for taking the time to do the work and post the results.

If I may offer a thought. The geometry of panel resonances are a bit beyond me right now. But, basically, on the side wall there are three secured sides (back, top, and bottom) and a non secured front side.

It may be that you placed the end of the clamp at the midpoint of the front of the side panel. That would create a node at the center of the front edge of the panel. Of course, the whole thing is better damped, which is probably what you saw.

However, it would create some symetry between the upper half and the bottom half. Therefore, there are now two identical systems which peak at their own characterist frequency, thus reinforcing each other's output.

A "fix" would be to place the clamp a bit off set from the center, perhaps at the three fifths position toward the bottom or top. Now you have a different, and perhaps better, distribution of the resonances. There is most of the damping, but not so much overlapping.

It is something to experiment with, and doesn't cost anything.

If you try it, let us know.

Thanks again for the scientific info.



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I don't know anything about HPS. Since they changed the design, and the La Scala patent has long expired, I'm sure it's O.K. Since the site said the speaker was made for HPS, I think that's a clue. smile.gif Les brags on his La Scalas with the K-43 woofer having more bass, a 106 dB rating may well be possible.


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John F. Allen the founder of HPS4000 stated in both the forums on the Movie Sound Page and Film-tech.com that the Klipsh products were not up to his specifications of workmanship and has them built for him elsewhere

check out http://www.moviesoundpage.com/cgi-bin/ubb/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro

in the cinema forum on HPS and on http://www.film-tech.com

forums under who has heard a hps4000 system

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