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my klipsch/denon system

samuel r

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What kind of sub is that hiding next to the sofa?

What are the other components you are using?


Home Theater System:

Klipsch Quartets - mains for both systems

Klipsch KV3 - center

Klipsch KG.5's - rear surrounds

Klipsch KSW12 subwoofer

Denon AVR-1601

JVC 36D201 36" TV

JVC HR-S3600 SVHS Player

JVC XV-M565BK DVD Player

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 Digital Cable box

Music System:

Adcom GFA-555 Musical Concepts Modified

NAD 1600 Pre/Tuner

Sony C-67ES CD Player

Playstation 2

Monster Power HTS-2000

MIT Speaker Cable

RS Gold Interconnects

Monster S-Video and Component Cables

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hey myram, that's a jbl psw1200 sub. my other components are as follows...

receiver: denon avr4800

dvd player: pioneer cdv302d

dss: mitsubishi sr-sd1

game system: playstation 2

t.v.: panasonic superflat ct27sf12

rears: cambridge soundworks surround 5.1 di-bipoles

cables: monster lightspeed200 optical x2(ps2,dvd to amp)

lightspeed100 optical x1(dss to amp)

m1000sv s-video cable x3(dvd,dss,amp to tv)

m351 subwoofer cable x1

mcx-is bi-wire for rc-3

....rf-3's yet to be bi-wiredBiggrin.gif

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Sam, nice set-up.Love that blue paint.Got Tapestry Red myself.What about putting the sub in the front corner where the plant is?Or in the alcove just to the right of the TV.Whatever,still have a nice system.BTW, did you see the post concerning the AudioQuest Slate bi-wire speaker cable for $3.00 ft.from AudioAdvisor?It's a buy!Got some the other day but haven't used it yet. Check it out.


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i already tried putting sub where plant is. i get max results at current location. i will try to right of tv as well once i get the new bi-wire. that will give me something new to do. but for now this is the best spot. i also have another sofa (not shown) facing tv(sweet spot). i want a longer cable so i could put sub behind it since the rf-3's already put out much bass. another future experiment. if i did it all at one time, there would be no more fun to look forward to, plus my girlfriend loves when i re-arrange stuff when she's watching movies.

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thanks all for the compliments and suggestions. i couldn't wait to show others my own system. i'm still waiting for the pic to come up on audioreview.com. i want to see how bad(or good) the critisism get's. the blue paint is just on that background wall. the rest of the room is a white with a hair touch of barely noticable blue in it. thanks again for the positive feedback.

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hey thanks matthew2. i should've taken the pic with wires alone. i have the pic on audioreview.com as well and the only thing negative is the wires being exposed. i have all component wires strapped separate from the power wires. since i haven't bought new biwire yet for the mains, i'm using some short length monster cable for the time being. therefore it looks "messy". i thought the whole time that it looked mint. my sub once stood underneath the shelves hiding the power strip, but the sound is best where it currently is. the strip has been replaced with monster hts1000. i plan on mounting it under shelf out of the way. if you look closely, all the power wires(5) are strapped together leading to the strip. that single wire is a coax-cable wire seperated.

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yeah boomer, i've noticed alot of "audiophiles" on audioreview.com are on that sight 24/7. most have nothing to do x-cept razz other peoples hard-earned equipment which makes me wonder if they do have anything at all. i do a shift every three months where i sit in front of a computer all day for a month and when i first started i noticed the same guys always arguing and razzing about some of the pettiest stuff. perhaps just jealousyBiggrin.gif. i wonder if they even read what i put for set-up specs. do they notice that i wrote "wires will be replaced with bi-wire" and such? anyway, thanks for the input. i noticed "friends" start to diminish when you decide to put money toward home products instead of that jet-ski or atv as well. i much rather have my system during the winter than a jet-ski.

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Very nice. I saw it on Audioreview too. Some of those guys are just idiots.


Main System -

CORNWALLS (circa '79 yippe)


RS-3's (white)

SVS 20-39CS

Harman Kardon AVR 510

Hafler P505 (running bridged 800W/4 ohms for sub)

ProMedia 4.1 for PC

Bedroom -

KG4's or RF-3's (haven't decided yet)

Harman Kardon AVR 20 MKII

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Nice! Very clean and organized. Smile.gif


Will be getting the following in December.

Home Theater:

TV: Sony KV-ES38M91 (38" FD Trinitron WEGA)

Receiver: Denon AVC-A11SR (230V version of Denon AVR-4802)

DVD player: Toshiba SD-900E

VCR: Sony SLV-ED100 (HiFi VCR)

Center: Klipsch RC-7

Mains: Klipsch RF-7

Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7

Subwoofer: SVS CS-Ultra w/Samson S1000 amplifier

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