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kg 4/update


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as luck would have it i located 2 new in box

($25.00 each) k8k woofers for my $20.00 pair of kg 4 purchased at a garage sale. my question is that the one speaker in which the woofers are working are missing both dustcaps. can i run them without the dustcaps or can i/should i add new dustcaps to them? thanks in advance

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Dust caps are called that for a reason...they keep the dust out of the voice coil area. Without the dustcaps, dust and other airborne/petborn/anykindaborn stuff will seep into the voice coil area of the drivers, then it will be like throwing a handful of sand into your front wheel bearing on your car...IOW...it will begin to grind down the coil itself until it begins to rub, which you WILL begin to hear...this rubbing produces friction which translates to wearing down the coil AND generating unwanted HEAT...which will destroy the driver...pretty simple!

Look at it this way, if you saw that one of the dust caps on your car's front wheel hub had fallen off...would you fix it IMMEDIATELY, or not? Same thing, but possibly more deadly results!

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