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autoformers for crossovers.

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Are the tranformers used on klipsch speakers

used to attentuate the midrange horn with the

rest of the drivers?

I think I read this on a post here somewhere,

mentioning something around 6db's?

They also help amplifier impedence matching,

helping the amp ''see'' a higher load, right?

(Bear with me here, I'm new to Klipsch X-overs).

This makes good sense with valve gear to me,

But does it still make sense with SS gear,

which can work with lower impedences?

(Bear with me).

Would the Exotic brands of transformers such as

Jensen, Piltron, Sowter, etc.. properly matched

and implemented bring any sonic benefits over

the current autoformers used in these X-overs?

(Mine are T5A, for example).

Or would they have to be custom made to match?

Would anyone know what ohm rating/minimum impedence

is for the K-61-K mid-horn?

Is there any websites/pages for Klipsh crossover

design info other than digging through various Forums?

Is there white page archive material on this site?

(I did not notice anything).

I could go on and on....

Your reply's are most appreciated.

THANX! Mike Stehr


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Klipsch uses autoformers to (generally) lower the output of the squawker to match the rest of the system. The higher impedance caused by this is an undesireable side-effect that usually has no effect on system performance with SS amps, but MAY cause amplitude response errors with some types of tube gear.

Al Klappenberger has "discovered" a somewhat better performing autoformer than Klipsch uses, for a nominal price. Exotic autoformers could always be used, but I have no idea if the results would be audible. Al's replacement networks are quite good.


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Thanks for the reply.

I have browsed Al's site, He does use Excellent

Quality parts, His crossover's Have to make a

obvious difference over stock ones.

When I get a schematic if possible, I'll

more than likely leave the stock autoformers

in place when upgrading.

If it does not affect SS performance then it is no

big deal.

But it makes me wonder if a guy can make the

proper bandpass order network for the K-61-K mid-horn,

(Be what ever that would be) and pad down accordingly

using resistors.(Wire wound non-inductive type)?

But then again, there could be major importance

of the use of autoformers, I have no clue.

one of my crossovers have no mid circuit,

Which may be the autoformer, I'll have to check

for possible broken wire/connections.

I may have to source another autoformer.

What a mess.cwm44.gif


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