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Music you just don't "get"


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Anyone have any particular music artist that you just dont get? That is, some band or singer that many people appreciate but you just dont find enjoyable or live up to how highly others tout them? I know several people on this board feel this way about Norah Jones. I personally dont get R.E.M. and A Perfect Circle. I like Maynard, I like Tool, and all my music tastes dictate that I should like APC, but I just dont like them. Ive tried to like it too, but to no avail. Anyone else?

PS: Didn't take long for the Iraq thread to get nuked 11.gif, saw that one coming.

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Britney Spears. Sure she was cute at first. Now i think it's time to pull the plug on her. I never listened to her music it is unlistenable. The more i see her ***** her self around the less i want to see her anywhere. Did anyone ever listen to her? I think we just looked at her, and now it's just pathetic.

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