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RB-5 finishes?

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I am going to be purchasing a pair of RB-5's for my living room. I am confused on finishes. According to this website the three that are available are: cherry, maple, or black. I have seen some listed by authorized dealers that the three are: mahogany, medium oak, and black. Are there different finishes for different years of production? Please respond soon... I can't wait to get them.cwm3.gif


RF-3's : mains

RC-3 : center

RS-3's : surrounds

KSW-12: subwoofer

Receiver: Denon 2801

DVD: Panasonic DVD-A120

CD: Yamaha CDC-765

Cables: Tributaries

Sat Receiver: Hughes Direct-TV DD5.1

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Guest JimG

The three current finishes are Mahogany, Oak and Black. They will be changing to Cherry, Maple and Black in the not-too-distant future so that they match the new models. They were gonna change earlier, but then it got pushed back a little. Probably be sometime during the changeover where old and new will both exist and you'll have your choice of 6 finishes! (New black will be Ash, old black is Oak).


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For the sake of all things holly, do not drop the mahognay finish!

Check my posts -- I'm an avid fan

I don't gripe much

But my god, why in the world would you drop that beautiful finish to replace it with the latest trendy look? why?!

Droping walnut a few years back was dumb. Dropping oak is even dumber. Droppin mahogany is criminal!

Why did BobG solicit, a few months back on the BB, our thoughts on what finishes we wanted if you were simply going to copy B&W (and I like B&W and their look, but I also like BMW and wouldn't want my Ford Mustang to look anything like one).

I am truly depressed by this decision! Horn Ed, Mdeneen, someone???


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I'm partial to Mahogany myself.And Cherry.And Walnut.

I have many of the Black Oak,though.I find that wrapping the speaker in a black finish makes the speaker appear smaller.Kinda like a fat woman's ***!cwm24.gif


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While mahogany is beautiful (I'm the guy who promoted it inside Klipsch) it did not win the popularity contest. Finish choice is a funny thing; we dithered over it endlessly. Called a BUNCH of our dealers and asked them what was the right selection. The answer was pretty uniform, "You guys are making this too hard. All you need is (insert local finish choice here)". Problem is, that locally popluar choice of finish changes about every 200 miles. We even visited the annual furniture fair in Highpoint NC to gain some wisdom. In the end, it's Cherry, Natural Maple and Black Ash.

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