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How nice are the TANGENT 40's ?


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Hi there,

I am by no means an audiophile, but I'm moving into my own place and I want to get a nice stero set up in the approx. 13' X 13' living room. I have the option of purchsing these Klipsch T40 WO speakers. What are your thoughts on their sound quality? How much should they cost? My other immediate options for speakers from this vendor are Tangent Acoustics model rs6 & ADS model L630. But I could buy speakers from someone else all together.

Thanks so much for your help!!!


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I picked up my first pair for $400 CDN, and about a year later found another pair in a pawn shop for $250 CDN. Not a bad speaker for the money. I have since upgraded to Hereseys and my sister has the T40s (and is very happy).

The ADS is also a very nice speaker, but check out the foam around the woofers.

Good Luck,


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