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More dangerous than stupid


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What's more dangerous than a stupid salesman? One who thinks he is smart (when he isn't), that's who.

I finally convinced my dad to get an HT system, but the guy at the "Klipsch store" know's only enough to be "dangerous". He set my dad up with hundreds of dollars woth of needless "patch cords", but that's not was pisses me off.

I told my dad to get the SVS passive sub, so he can used his old amp he has laying around. He informed his salesman of this, and he totally freaked my dad out. Told him it would never work, and that passive subs don't work for HT, even with an amp....

He actually called me with my dad in the shop, and argued with me for 20 minutes on how that would not be a true 5.1 system. Boy, was he clueless. He proceeded to tell me that he's been doing this for years, and has never heard of somebody attempting to hook up a "sub out" to a "line-in" of an sub amp/receiver, and then running speaker wire from the sub amp to a passive sub. For some reason, he thought this was different than using a sub with a built in amp. Boy is this kid not very bright to be able to think outside his little cookie-cutter box. My poor dad is so worried now, and wanted me to cancel his SVS order and get a KSW-12, instead like this a-hole suggested.

I'm currently attempting to do damage control here..



KG 5.5 (mains)

KG 2.2v (center)

KG 1 (rears)

KSW-12 (sub)

Denon AVR 681/1601

Toshiba SD-3109 DVD

Kenwood LVD700 LD

Sony CD changer

Sony 27" Trinitron

Sony PLX I

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Tell your dad, I'm doing just as you suggest. I run from the sub out of my pre-amp/processor to the line in of a seperate power amp and then to 2 huge passive subs. It works so well I routinely vibrate knick-knacks off of the furniture upstairs.


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