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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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i see you still have an XPA-5 nezff haha. We shall call them emo eyes.

Ive eyed the Outlaw for some time now, but just cant get over spending more for less power. I would love to demo the 7125 though.

My temp setup. 92 inch bedsheet from about 16.5-17 feet away. Panasonic 8000.


Congrats Nezff, a projector and screen will complete that awesome room of yours. That's on my shortlist for early next year as well.......

thanks bud. Im still trying to decide where to put my components because I want to build a false screen wall and cover it in DMD fabric.

My temp setup. 92 inch bedsheet from about 16.5-17 feet away. Panasonic 8000.


You have a great system. That bedsheet looks pretty dran good, maybe consider keeping, lol.

bedsheet did look pretty darn good in person. thanks.

Pacific Rim?

As good as the bed sheet looks, you will love a screen!

thanks bud. Im looking into a Seymour XD screen right now. just trying to decide how big I can go. I can go bigger if I get these components in a rack etc.. with the slanted ceiling, I can go only so big before the width starts hurting me. I plan on moving my front speakers out more towards the wall and turning the subs into the corners and hiding them behind the future false wall. maybe putting the center behind the screen and hanging it lower since I only have one row seating.

Nezff what are you rocking now? Haven't heard anything from you in over a year for sure. Still have the ed cinema stuff all the way around?

Yep. Same speakers. Man I love the sound they give me. So smooth. There is a site that does basically the same thing with the same drivers as mine and they get rave reviews over at AVS.



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Stunning setup

thanks a lot!

every time I see that room I am blown away... such goodness.


I don't think the diy seos builds are quite the same as the ed cinemas at least from everything I've read. I could be wrong though.

waveguide horns compared to eminence horns

de360 compared to B&C DE250 compression drivers

same cubic feet I think, not totally sure.

same eminence woofers.

Crossover design could be a tad different also.

The cinemas were basically a DIY project turned into moneymaker for eD.

Nezff, looking good. I am trying to figure out the same thing now (what size screen to go with). I have even considered the projector. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

It might be a little while. Im trying to decide if Im going to put my comeponents in the rear wall now and cut down my HVAC return air "box". If I can do that, then Ill have some long runs for subs and speakers (30-40 feet) short run for the HDMI to PJ though. (10-15 feet).

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Hi to all of you, friends, from Mother Russia, St.Petersburg ;)

I want to show you my cinema system based on Klipsch

Klipsch RF-82

Klipsch RC-64 (on photo old RC-52, need new photos ofc)

Klipsch RS-7 rear

Cerwin-Vega XLS-15s sub

Integra 70.2 avr

Draper Luma HCG 110" screen + EPSON EH-TW8100 projector

PS3 + media based HTPC with PLEX (14TB storage)



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