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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Nope... no good. you need to go back to the drawing board!


[ :P]


Man I bet that sounds so full all the way around. I bet that center channel is just amazing on vocals


sounds wonderful. thanks.

I was trying to look into those eD Cinema speakers. All I found was the mains and it was a DIY...is this how they offer them?

I can only imagine the sound level potential in that room :)

they are great. 

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Beautiful HT.



One of the best HT setup! I just like the look of everything.





Looks fantastic Nezff! I wouldn't change a thing but I do see an acoustic transparent drop down screen and projector in your future!emotion-21.gif

+10 I agree. Only thing missing otherwise I would say this is many men's dream room!! Good job man!



Not easy to pull off with that ceiling... But yeah, that's what's missing.

thanks guys

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Here is my Quarter pie theater, the pics have been in the Quarter Pie thread but I will put them here as well for those who don't frequent that sectiopn of the forum) The pics are of the front three, I have two more QPs for surround left/right, and KPT-100s for rear (though they are currently disconnected, they just can't really hand with the big boys).



Now that is cool, love the idea.


I have thought if I ever switch from the Forte ll setup I would do similar, just a single mwm bin and maby a 510 horn for the center to match the 402's. The rears is where I would have a big problem, unless I could get by with the fortes, that's all the room I have for the back and they even have to be up my the ceiling pointing down.


I am using Forte II's as rears with my Jubilee's up front, and they work great back there.

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Got a few changes today, still waiting on the Marantz preamp so I can finish everything, setup the new towers and run Audyssey.








Swapped XPA-3 for Outlaw 7500

Marantz preamp will go in the center hole, instead of sitting up by RC62ii

Tivo is being moved out

Hopper, Oppo and powercenter are now all on the left

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