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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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13 hours ago, TLI said:

I don't know why I spend so much time on other forums when.....I love Klipsch!


50/50 between HT and music......the evolution of the theater build is shared here.  Current equipment:  HK AVR7200 ||| RF7ii's • RF64ii • R-5800W's • RS52ii's • single RW-12 replaced DEAD dual RW12d's ||| Panasonic AE3000U (upgrade soon) ||| DIY screen ||| White Lightning Moonshine Cables


Looking to get to an Auro 3D-compatible setup soon.  Equipment research has begun....









Nice 👍 

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13 hours ago, Dave A said:

Hey a bit tongue in cheek but it is my home (shop) theater. Speakers change often sometimes and right now here is today's speaker line.




Then we have theater seating




And finally the control and command center.



I suppose it's hard to get any work done.

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  • 2 months later...

Not really an actual theatre, just my living room system…


Marantz AV8802a

Sherbourn PA 7-350

Dayton APA102 bridged x 2

Lab Gruppen FP14000 clone

Peerless STW-350f 15's x 2

Klipsch RF-83's/ RC-7/ RS-62's/ RS400's/ RB-10's

Eminence APT-80 super tweeters

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

LG BP-620

Sharp Aquos 65" 4K UHD TV

Panamax Max 5500/ Max 4400-20A


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  • 2 months later...

Still working on it, but never posted a picture so here it is:

Speakers: RF-7s left and right, RC-7 center, RB-75 side surrounds, RS-7 rear surrounds, RSX-5 Atmos(4) and 5 RSW-15s(4 up front and 1 near field between seats). 

Monster HTPS-7000, Yamaha RX-A3070, Outlaw 5000x, Panasonic DMP-UB900, Nvidia Shield Pro and LG CX 65" OLED.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I ended up picking up another PC2000 pro and moving my SPL 120 to my office. 


Living Room: TV:Sony 65 inch 4k 65X850F, Denon X6500 ,LR: Klipsch RP 8000Fs, 😄 Klipsch RP 450C, S: Polk Monitor 60 IIs, BS: Polk Monitor 50 IIs, H: 4 Polk RC80i, Subs: 2 SVS PC 2000 Pro






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  • 2 months later...

Finally able to get a picture sized to this forum's specs.

WOW the new KD-51M Are just PERFECTION! 

The look the sound everything so far is a huge, massive hit with me. 

I had to re-enforce my ceiling mounts these things are heavy but no worries nothing going to come down now. 


P.S. I love the hanging wire just love it, Anything to Pizz off my X she would have hated it no end and well I LOVE IT!!! 


Time for a break-in period now. 

Fun Fun. 



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