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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Here's mine. Moved into the house 2 months ago. Setting up my theater room was my first priority.


Yamaha RX-V2500, Velodyne DLS-3750R, RF-35,RC-35,KS-525-THX, NEC HT-1100, Adelphia MOXI, Panasonic DVD-S97, Stewart Filmscreen 110" Firehawk


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Wow some great additions here!!

boomer911 -

I agree about the Heresy HT. The speakers rock for HT! I just picked up another single one locally for the 6th speaker rear surround. Of course I have the all Cornwall 5.1 channel HT "Media Room" but that also doubles as my main critical music listening room and for SACD and DVD-A you really need 5 full range speakers. For that application the Cornwalls perform much better then the Herseys.

I did put the Heresys in the corners and I do like the sound much better. Due to recent posts in other sections I am thinking about ways to hang them as well. I need to put some thought as to the direction I want to go there.

Tom Adams -

Awesome trim work. I wish I had decent woodworking skills. I am getting better but I am not up to that level yet

RobertP -

I would also like to know where you got those Star Wars posters! Great setup too!

All the other systems rock too! Thanks for posting them and lets keep the systems rolling in!



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Okay I *just* finished mounting our projector, and that is another step down (getting the screen will be the last step) so i figured I should share.


here's a closeup look of the mount (any ideas on how i can get rid of the pencil marks without repainting?)


a look at the bonus (theater room) that lamp is only there to help the camera, normally the room is totally dark. (yes i know next i have to work on hiding the wires)


a/v stand close up: Denon 3803 (1083), Comcast HDTV box, Pioneer DV-434 DVD Player


ok this i really like, its my own "innovation". My folks paid like $2,000 for a Sharp Hi8 Viewcam. After a while it started getting stuck and eating the tapes. Eventually they got a digital camcorder and this was sitting in the closet, for like 5 years. They thought about donating it to the Salvation army. Then when the theater was being built, I thought about all the people who have a Monitor to check the feed, or cue up a DVD, etc without turning on the projector. So i recycled the monitor portion of this camcorder for that purpose, which fits neatly into one of the storage spaces in the sofa armrest. Its really cool, because I can check to make sure a movie is HD, or fiddle with the OSD of the Denon without interrupting whats on the projector, or even turning it on.


sitting up on the center armrest


finally this is the "front stage" minus the screen. Thats a SVS PB2+ in the left corner.


grills off (just for beauty sake, its usually on there as the copper color distracts)


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On 5/18/2005 9:56:52 PM Ou8thisSN wrote:

ok this i really like, its my own "innovation". .... I thought about all the people who have a Monitor to check the feed, or cue up a DVD, etc without turning on the projector. So i recycled the monitor portion of this camcorder for that purpose, which fits neatly into one of the storage spaces in the sofa armrest.


That IS a neat idea... who knows how many "half dead" camcorders are out there. 1.gif

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Last night I read all 25 pages of this topic, and all I can say is wow. You guys have put a lot of work into your HT's. I have been building my system for close to a year. Buy speakers here, and there. Then the TV (RCA 61" HDTV with a built DTV reciever) Pioneer reciever (Forget which one, I have had it for over a year now) and all klipsch rc-3 II speakers except the surrounds are rsx-5. I am not sure if I am going to like them or not, but I will give them a try. I bought all of my equipment before my house was ready, because I knew the wife would frown on the spending for a HT when the new house needed other stuff. So when the builder built my house, instead of a garage, I had him make the garage my HT/Game room. It is a 20x20 room, except for in the corner is a laundry room that is closed off(that room is about 6x8) which cuts into MY room. Any way in the picture the equipment is moved away from the walls so we could paint. The paint is actually darker in person. I am geting ready to install 8 4" high hat eyeballs for the lighting. I can not wait for my room to finally be finished.

Also reading through this topic, I read that someone stated that berkline were going on sale this weekend, May 22(I think it was posted in Jan). So I called Leather express who carrys them here and they did verify that the Berklines were on sale this week until memorial weekend. So This week I will be ordering my seating, 2 fronts and 3 rears that will be elevated.

Any way, it is very impressive to see a thread that is almost 1 year old and still active. I will post more pics as the room developes.


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6.gif6.gif6.gifMy daughters 10 months old now and things have started to kind of balance out and have had a chance to play catch up since it's been a while since I've checked out the setups!

Nothing's changed here, I'd like to do some rewiring and better planning with less of a hack job (just wanted to hear it you know). Your guy's setups have really been an inspiration.


Cheers and keep on rockin the Klipsch!

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This is the left and center La Scalas with my 34 in Sony, tv is the last upgrade except a bigger house to put this stuff in. My living room is 15 X 15 X 8 so with 3 La Scalas up front and a pair of KLF 20s and a RSW 12 it does not take much to get loud in my living room. I'm probably going to be in this house another 3 years so next year when 50 inch plasmas drop in price I may just get one. I'm running the HT with a Denon 4800 A/V receiver and a Denon 2900 DVD player and using a Cayin TA 30 tube amp running my left and right speakers.



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This is my right side of HT. Next to my Cayin TA 30 tube amp is my Luxman preamp and below it is a NAD C542 CDplayer. I have a Luxman system selector so I can switch which preamp is going to the Cayin tube amp.


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Sorry about the bad pics all I have is a digital camera on my camecorder that is 1 m. Below the tv is my La Scala center channel. I had a KLF C7 center channel but upgraded when this single LS came up on Ebay. The tv weighs close to 300 pounds and some how I got it ontop of the speaker without killing my back.


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And the final piece- the sub that draws people out of their houses at 4:00 A.M. in their underwear and give my house dirty looks. Luckly felt the love from the neighbor and turned down the sub before he called the cops. Don't use my sub late any more. Just went and saw the new Star Wars movie and the big screen was great but the size of the movie theater takes away from the surround sound effects. When I watch Revenge of the Sith later this year on DVD I will hear so much more in the surround sound effects. I think theaters should just buy La Scalas and that would solve the problem. Put 15-20 La Scalas in a movie theater and DAMN!!!



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